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**** TO BE KILLED - 11/28/2017 ****
AVERAGE RATED FOR GOOD BEHAVIOR =D A volunteer writes: Another word for "Bench Girl" is...Nori. With a human caretaker or other dogs, Nori's favorite place is to perch herself on a bench like a bird on a branch and observe her surroundings from a safe place. That reminds me of medieval fortresses sitting high on a hill. Nori is a bit shy, and this is why I think she is doing that. Even better, she hides behind me, kissing my neck, which gives me the chance to hug her. Nori is a very pretty young gal, trim and wavy like a reed, elegantly dressed in her red coat, a bit serious but wagging her tail as she is happy to be out and in company. She is a good walker, does her business on the way and likes to go toward people and other dogs as if she wanted to ask them a question. Encouraged, she will just give a standing hug to the person trying to get to know her. Nori is a timid girl, maybe a little bit of a wall flower who is just waiting for your love to declare hers. Come and meet her soon at the Manhattan Care Center. Nori is dreaming and waiting for you. 2018 latest wedding wears dressed in beach
Hello, my name is Nori
My animal id is #12469
I am a desexed female tan dog at the
Manhattan Animal Care Center
The shelter thinks I am about 1 years, 40 lbs
Came in shelter as a stray Nov. 13, 2017