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I made my favourite cauliflower soup today. Here's my recipe if anyone would like it. I sauteed chopped cauliflower in coconut oil before dousing it in turmeric, as if my hand slipped, it didn't. And a sprinkling of chilli flakes. Stirred to coat in the spices and simmered a few more minutes before adding some vegetable stock made with one of those knorr stock pots. They are fabulous. I cooked it over a lowish heat for about ten minutes, then added salt, black pepper, and a tin of coconut milk. Coriander leaf to garnish. Easy, quick, seriously delicious, and as you'll see from the article if you're interested, powerfully healthy. Made more so with the turmeric. You can vary the amounts of stock and coconut milk depending on what consistency you like. I like my soup thin, with a kick, always with a kick. DorrisWedding first communion flower girl collections

8 Amazing Health Benefits of Cauliflower The superfood cauliflower offers impressive benefits on numerous aspects of your