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Madness is spiritual. No controversy. You can believe it or not. Unlike other sickness or diseases that have two faces, madness has only one face: spiritual.

Other sicknesses or diseases are either physical or spiritual. For example, when u sleep without a net, certainly, u will contract malaria. When u have unprotected sex, u are susceptible to STDs or HIV/Aids. Evil spirit can inflict u with spiritual malaria so that when they manage to kill u, human beings (Dr, Pathologists) will say, the person died of malaria. A virgin can have HIV/AIDS when spiritually, an evil spirit have sex with him/her. So, brethren, we have physical sickness and sicknesses induced by witches and/or evil spirits. DorrisWedding latest best collections dressed for prom party

Now, madness comes to play when a group of well organized, specialised demons are dispatched to a person. Don't forget that they first seek permission from evil spirits in your own family. In all their dealings, these demons need a solitude environment where their victim can be alone so they can have ample time to undergo the operation. When u are lonely, alone, then they come to speak to your soul by engaging your human spirit.

They will ask u to either remove the nice attire u are wearing at the moment and pick up a dirty one. 'Don't wear any sandals or footwear', they will add..

These group of evil spirits will ask u to leave your residence to a T or major junction. At the junction, the demon, called madness will be waiting for her colleagues there. He doesn't enter the residence. He then enters the room, the person driven out of his/her abode or residence. (remember every human being is a house in the spirit world). The best home of every spirit, whether Holy or evil is the human body. On entry, the demon of madness changes the position if the human brain and the person begins to do the things the demon does.

In fact, there are innumerable demons all over. If a demon is deaf, when she enters a person, she makes you a deaf. If blind, the she makes the person blind.

The only name demons and evil spirits fear is Jesus Christ, the son of God. If you give all your life and surrender all your ways to Him, He come to occupy and possess your whole body, soul and spirit. Never leave yourself idle at any given time preoccupy yourself with things of God. Get a spirit-filled leader to sit under his/her feet. God bless you and stay blessed.