DorrisWedding modest evening party wear for lds and mormon

It was Saturday morning when I woke up in my bed with my head pounding. I guess I had a wild night because there was empty Henessy bottles at the foot of my bed, along with piles and piles of hundreds on my floor. My body was hurting like hell so I decided to call up Spa Queens and make an appointment to get a full oil body massage. I loved going there because my usual masseuse Pablo knew just how to work out all the places I was tensed in...including this sweet pussy. I closed my eyes as heat grew between my legs and my nipples hardened. I was horny but I didn't want my vibrator this time. I wanted the human touch. Proceeding out of bed to the shower I would lather myself in my coconut body wash while shaving, Pablo loved to eat me out with this scent. Anytime I had it on my happy endings usually ended up with my legs locking around his Spanish curls and shaking violently. I was still trying to remember what the hell happened last night after I left Allen and his stupid ass family but I just couldn't remember. I noticed I didn't even bother to hang up my dress, it layed crumpled on the floor with my heels beside it. After my shower I dressed myself in a Calvin Klein tights and sports bra set. The all white outfit made me glow and my ass stood up perky, fat, and proud. Listen I'll tell you when you have money and knowing your set good for life everything about you changes. Did I feel bad? Fuck no! Was I going to give that check back? Hell no! Those greedy bitches have more than enough already. Breakfast wasn't on the menu today, so I grabbed an orange and headed out.
Spa Queens was packed but seeing how I was a regular my wait wouldn't be long. Unfortunately when I arrived to the front desk I was informed that Pablo was out today due to a cold. Fuck! This orgasm needed to be release. The fill in for Pablo looked young, in her late teens. I would say about 18 or 19 because I found myself staring at her C cup breasts and her little petite waist. Her hair was in a sleek back ponytail that fell down to her back, I just wanted to pull on it like in one of those porn videos on Brazzers. I wasn't a cougar or anything like that after all I was only 21 but this tension I had between my legs needed some attention. We walked to the back of one of the massage rooms where I got completely naked. "My name is Jewel I'll be your care taker for today." She said in a little Puerto Rican accent. Oh yes you will. I thought in my head. While she waited for me to get on the table I purposely poked my ass out making them spread in front her face before setting myself down on my back. My coconut scent filled the room, Pablo would've liked that but let's see if Jewel here likes it too. Jewel got to rubbing my thighs with a hot sticky oil that made my nipples rock hard when she kneaded them together. She smelled like Japanese Cherry Blossom of my second favorite scents. Lust grew causing my wetness to drip out of me. I've never been with a girl but the way I was feeling made me want to find out how they fuck. "Turn over." Jewel demanded while getting more oil to put on my ass and back. The warmness of the oil just added extra heat to my pussy, I let out a moan. "You like that?" She said squeezing my ass cheeks in her hands. It felt so good. I couldn't take it anymore. "I want you to eat my pussy." I said bluntly sitting up digging in my purse. I pulled out my stack of money. "For every orgasm you give me a hundred dollars is yours." I continued pulling her close and enticing her with the bills. Jewel grabbed me by my breasts and stuck her tongue in my mouth. Our lips over lapped and our moans cancelled out eachother. "Lay back, I wanna see how you taste." She whispered and bit her lip hungrily. I did what I was told with my legs behind my head. Didn't know your girl was flexible did you? The first lick made me stick with my 'oh my God' face. Jewel sucked on my clit with rapid speed and my toes curled as I was close to my climax. "Come on my face mami. Por favor!" I don't know why the fuck I started talking Spanish but this girl was working her mouth. Looked like Allen had a little competition as well as Pablo. My body suffered because I didn't want to moan to loud for the entire building to hear. But the way this girl was eating me out the moans escaped. Sliding her fingers in and out of me while spitting on my clit. This girl was nasty goddamn. "You. Taste. So. Good." Her voice was seductive like while she sucked on all her fingers. My juices were mixed in with the oil so it looked lovely on her face. The buzzer went off signaling our time was up. Even though she only made me orgasm twice I gave her 300 dollars just for being a sport. "Make sure you um make another appointment because I would love to taste you again. And by the way you were staring at me pretty hard. You're sexy too mami." Jewel stated stuffing the bills in her titties. I was attracted to this girl but I'm sure it was only because I just got my kitty licked to perfection. Leaving Spa Queens more than happy I turned on my phone and saw multiple missed calls from Allen. I would call his sad ass later. For now I needed to figure out what a bad bitch like me was going to do for the rest of the day. DorrisWedding modest evening party wear for lds and mormon