DorrisWedding prom party outfits in dark purple

Can't wait to start my new year off getting training and coaching from this beautiful woman! I've been really lacking with motivation and more so discipline the last few weeks and it seems to dwindle more and more. And I always notice all it takes is one day of, what am I going to do in the gym today? Am I eating according to my goals? Am I training for the ideal body shape I want to have? Am I doibg enough cardio or should I not do cardio at all? So many questions go through my head and I find it discouraging. That's why I feel having soneone to help me along the way and show me the way is exactly what I need. I don't want to be super skinny or super muscular. I want to be fit with lots of shape still. I follow a ton of women on social media that do online training and such but I never felt like any of them would really help me get to where I wanted to be even after seeing their clients progress. Once I found Sumeet I knew if I could ever budget to get coaching, I'd want it from her! DorrisWedding prom party outfits in dark purple