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I know alot of people have success with the SERESTO FLEA and TICK COLLAR but my Shepard husky mix who is healthy, fit, and no allergies what so ever _went through itching and very hyper for the first 3 days of wearing the seresto collar, then on the third day she has 4 large bald spots/ lesions on her nose, mouth, and chin under her neck. I thought about what she has done different and thought about the new collar. I took it off and no more itching, acting crazy, or no new bald spots. Alot of pets do fine but after reading about seizures and other effects that some dogs have had due to the seresto flea collar I just want to say that if you put a new flea collar on you're dog or cat, and the pet starts to act differently in any way, pay attention, get the collar off immediately and give a thorough bath with dawn dish soap, twice shampoo and rinse extremely well. Please read what some of these other dogs experienced. The post was started in 2015 but this just happened to my dog 2 days ago. 2017. Just be aware when putting flea collars, meds, vaccines, any meds at all that you give you're pet. Watch them closely for a good week or 2. DorrisWedding racer back style wears for a wedding

My dog had a bad reaction to the Seresto flea and tick collar - Golden Retrievers : Golden Retriever Dog Forums Good morning everyone. I know that every dog reacts differently so I just want to share this story with you, should you wonder if there are