DorrisWedding yellow selections for cocktail

Bruhhh y'all to easy to walk away when shit gets tough swallow your pride if he's there be there! & if you're maybe yo dumbass won't get cheated on too many women crave attention so much that they'll rather want the husband to pay more attention to them than the mans own health & kids & anything else in general too 2 many women are selfish have too much self pride & too quick to leave & say I wont go thru this when its only been one time we're not perfect neither you or the man many women talk about men ...but whole time y'all worse y'all don't trust y'all selves for shit you know how I know women are very hard to make friends with other females why because y'all know how low y'all can go yall l know how far y'all can lie even better than us and if caught red handed y'all know how far y'all can go ,if y'all do anything with any married or non married man even if your married or prego y'all Damn know how far women will go because you've been there& done that! Y'all know how far a women's intentions will go c'mon y'all don't even trust y'all own day 1 in the same room with your man how you think she feels about you!? Y'all don't trust each other or y'all Damn selfs! Lol if this isnt true pick your top 5 best women you would pick if you got married your best who you would trust!!!! DorrisWedding yellow selections for cocktail ? ? ? ? ...ill wait...shit vice versa but I'm just getting tired of all these post niggas ain't shit When whole time are you even worth it!? Ask yourself that what do you have to offer to the table and is it temporary till one lil bump than you quit & bounce because you've been hurt too much booohoo it life mijo/mija!love is struggle! & love those who value at your lowest point in life..&....value your self before you speak too know your worth...if not don't speak at all cuhz at the end of the day all y'all make y'all selfes look like big FOOLS on both ends!