candy or blushing pink wears for flower girls

Do you remember that building opposite Governor's Office at Isale-Igbein in Abeokuta? That's where i was born and brought up. At age 7 or 8 we were all meant to have our personal things to ourselves which includes: Spoon, Plate, Cup, Sponge, Toothbrush, Towel and so on. I dare not go near Sister Sunkanmi's things while Tosin dare not come near mine not because its a taboo in my family to use each others things but our parents believes when a child has basic things of life to his or herself, he/she would be able to figure things out easily on her/his own which makes it less burden for parents. We were raised in a special way that has helped to build a firm confidence and approach towards life. I WAS BROUGHT UP WITH A MIND OF MY OWN. My father's compound was so big that everything we needed as a child was right in the compound including church. We had a playing ground, up my dad's garage was a big hall for our reading and extra lessons. We had a river beside our house where we go fishing if we desire to eat fresh fish and some of my dad's uncompleted building has snails in them where we usually go to pick snails towards evening whenever popsy isn't at home sometimes we come back home and resume to kitchen with 30-40 snails to fry or boil. We had a field for race, footballing and i still love to foot ball, there is no penalty i can't catch candy or blushing pink wears for flower girls :) so my brothers love to play footballs with me. I can play ten-ten from today till next tomorrow none stop and this other game we played with lines drawn on the ground (I've fogotten the name it's called). All these are done within my dad's premises. We have no opportunity to go outside his compound except Sister Olawunmi ask me to follow her to Omida market to buy food stuffs which always gladden my heart. MY CHILDHOOD WAS FUN.
Several years after, I found myself in a friendship with a young man (Oba Son). We were good friends but problems started when I discovered that I'm not allowed to do things on my own. Like buying things is a place i perceive its cheaper. I was not allowed to stand on the road side to buy fruits, roasted plantain and all that, Why because he is a "Celeb"... So he was scared magazine might pick his girlfriend on the main road. Like i want to eat roasted corn his 'boys' will have to go and get it for me they may come with 6 to 7 different types of roasted corn for me to choose. What a wasted effort because none appear to be what i like because i like my roasted corn very soft those tiny seeds called 'Ibe-eni'. It doesn't take me time before i told him i can no longer continue with the so called friendship. He lowered his head to catch up with my face while he ask me "Lorlar why don't you want me, do you know how many women wants me" Well.... you will have to pick from those that want you BUT not me. I am not poor myself and I strongly believe I can be successful in life if i choose not to be lazy. I hate Lazy people who go about looking for people's wealth to milk. I despise it.
Believe me sincerely, it's not every women that wealth freaks. Some just want to be happy, oooh I love to be HAPPY.
Wealth is the satisfaction of little you have. After all there are thousands of richer people out there with emptiness. I never wanted to be in that category hence i would have marry a man with many body guards and embrace life imprisonment all because of MONEY? Tufiakwa!!!! If you take away my happiness and freedom AM DEAD.
No one can easily manipulate me, Never! I was raised with a mind of my own, I was brought up by a powerful intelligent father RIP to Chief Show.
The world will be a better place if we learn to realise money is important BUT IT IS NOT EVERYTHING. I can't pretend to like you not to talk of pretend to love.
I will marry a man i can proudly join in public transport bus through here to Abeokuta with joy and love radiating over us than marry a man who will fly me to Dubai on his private jet with fight, quarrel and disagreement written all over me. or don't you know face sometimes interpreter or speaks what goes on in your mind?
Dear Ladies don't ruin your life with greediness of what you can always afford.
Live is too short to keep running after money and forget to LIVE WHILE YOU ARE STILL LIVING.