cocktail collections of lace

Right, I think we can finally announce what's happening in 2018. We'll be closed from COB Feb 3 (Daisy's birthday, great line up and cheap drinks to get rid of stock. Clear the diary for that one!) for a refurb. The landlord wants to move the toilets from upstairs to out the back which is currently where the monsters live. The monsters will be re-homed by the RSPCM. This is so he can make upstairs and all the flats really posh and they don't have us lot making a racket, having domestics and doing smelly poos that stink out the entrance to the flats. It means we'll have a self contained bar and patio eventually and we'll have no interaction with the flats. Obviously, this encroaches on our teeny tiny stage area as we need to have a walkway down the side, so he's agreed to knock the back wall down and move us back in to the kitchen giving us a bigger back room. The stage will be about 2 feet thinner but about 5 feet deeper. We are planning to have a purpose built stage area with cool stage lighting like an actual music venue. The chimney will be gone which gets rid of noise issues next door (No more vibrations for cocktail collections of lace Bob ) Capacity in the back room goes from around 45-50 to around 80 allowing us to get bigger bands in the future. We're doing a bit of refurb in the front of the bar too but nothing too drastic. Just tidying it up a bit. We'll be closed for 5 weeks planning to re-open officially on March 9th. So you'll have to find something else to do in February. I might go on holiday. I'll definitely be going to some gigs and I'll definitely be driving a van to my parents house with all the bar's shit in it numerous times. It's going to cost us quite a bit even though the landlord is paying for all the structural and electrical stuff so please keep coming to the bar or my month off will consist of me busking with a set of spoons and eating from the bins out the back of KFC. Then in March we can hopefully start putting on some more epic gigs like the Black Peaks and Drewsif Stalin gigs this year. Extra plans include more seating inside, nicer patio outside and maybe even some heating but that's all for the future. Let's get the gig room sorted, sounding great and full of people and we'll go from there.