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Assumptions are never worth accusing someone and destroying a friendship over. Assumptions are just that, events that a person is unsure of because it happened as they saw it happening, but there is no fact or proof of otherwise.. therefore it is an assumption and not a valid justification for action.

Someone thought they saw me somewhere that I was not. The same person said a similar figure was seen a few weeks ago, when she was with me and at that point ruled it out as I was with her at the time. However, this time I'm being accused because of assumptions. There should be some level of trust.

In example, I go by my girlfriend's place (again, example) because it was her birthday the other day and she was busy. I go there to buy her a birthday cake and bring her presents. I text her in advance and then head out towards her place, in which she later responds she isn't there.

Later on, that same girlfriend sees a figure in the dark at her ex's place that she is hanging out with. That girlfriend then comes over to my place after I invite her over, and accuses me of being that figure.. even though I had told her where I was and what I was wanted to do.. which was an innocent and nice gesture to celebrate her birthday with her, even if late.

Am I in the wrong in the example? I hadn't done anything aside from going to bring her a birthday cake. The same girl said there was a figure hanging outside her exes place a few weeks prior, which she excused assumptions at that point as I had been with her during those events. However, this time around since I wasn't with her.. she decides to accuse me of being that figure?

Regardless.. is such assumptions worth destroying your relationship with someone over? She even admitted she could be wrong, but she "knows" it was me.

If anyone has justification to assume things, wouldn't it be me? I mean, she is hanging out with her ex that she said several times she was done with. The same ex she had hid countless things about from me, like the fact she had lived with him for 2-3 months and claimed it was a female friend. After she gets angry and accuses me of everything, she drives straight over to her exes house to spend the night. This being the guy that she has confessed to "using" for his knowledge of vehicles and his resources.

What's more confusing is the relationship itself. She references me as boyfriend when she chooses to, but then retracts it in a heart beat if she assumes anything what-so-ever. I do everything possible for this girl. Yeah, I work in retail and she absolutely hates that, but I have full-time hours and I make nearly the same amount hourly as people in high-end roles. It's not that I enjoy working in retail, I very much do not.. but it is helping me get by while I pursue the career I want.. which is why I moved out here. I won't deny that part of the reason I wanted to come out here was because it would be easier to spend time with her, but ultimately I want to be in a career. I want the people who didn't believe in me and assumed the worst of me to realize they messed up. country rustic collections for wedding made of lace

An optimistic person always looks at the bright side of any situation and thinks of all the positives before going to the negatives. A negative person jumps straight to the negative and bypasses the positives. In the above scenario, an optimist would think "Hmm, that probably is the same guy from before. Ah well. I'll ask him and if he says no then I'm sure it was that previous person." A negative person would address the situation like "That's him, nope that's him. Don't care what you say that was him. Don't care if you have evidence or could prove otherwise, that was him."

Anyway, 2 AM rant over.