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Today is the three month anniversary of the day heaven gained a beautiful soul, my Dad! He and I danced to this song on my wedding day and the lyrics mean more to me now than ever. I have the same wish for you Dad! I hope you are happy in Heaven gold selections for cocktail party ??
Miss you so very much ❤️

Lauretta mia (English translation)
Artist: Enrico Musiani
My Little Laura

I dreamed of you dressed in silver
You were an angel fallen from heaven
And tomorrow dressed in a veil
Your daddy'll take you to be married
The bells are ringing the occasion
For the people who love you
Your daddy will keep inside his heart
the most beautiful memories of you

My little Laura, child that I adore
Daddy's singing this serenade to you
His voice is shaking with emotion
I wrote this song for you

You were little, in the cradle
I sang you lullabies
And when you're soon a mother
You'll understand what I feel for you
And with a white wedding dress
You'll be the most beautiful girl in the world
And when one day I become a grandpa
I'll sing lullabies once again

A day of celebration and cheer
Because this daughter is to be married
You, who is sweet, honest and pure
You deserve so much happiness

There's the moon that's peeping out
and lights up this old courtyard
Where a kind girl is anxious
because tomorrow she's supposed to be married
The cricket in the tree is silent
The whole village has woken up
Everyone hears the serenade
That daddy is singing for you

River water comes from the sea
if my voice reaches you up there
Tonight daddy asks you for forgiveness
If he hasn't given you anything more

The night will be too long
Oh, how long your wait will be
Until tomorrow there in the church
and you tell the groom "I do."
While you're putting the wedding ring on your finger
You look at it, and you must be sincere
Because the true language of love
can only live on honesty.

They'll be shrieking at you "Hooray for the bride"
You will smile at everyone and not be rattled
And be happy my baby girl
Daddy wants this from the bottom of his heart

And be happy my baby girl
This is the wish that daddy makes you.

Enrico Musiani - Lauretta mia lyrics + English translation (Version #2) Translation of 'Lauretta mia' by Enrico Musiani from Italian to English (Version #2)