grandmother of the groom dresses

Some time, all u want is a glance of someone and when u get that,u start regretting the whole scenario. Height of insanity.
She saw a familiar face coming from the front. She tried her best to recognise that face covered with irregular beards. Yep it was really him, she checked her dressings and the shawl which she always use to wrap around her face to get rid of the sunburn. Though she tried her best to hide herself. But that shawl was not enough to hide those glossy eyes. And those eyes were more than enough for that creep to recognise her. grandmother of the groom dresses
Normally, he can't make eye contact with any girl but when it comes to her, he is just shameless.
Those 3 secs of eyecontact digged all those old memories like a slideshow and was enough to make his sight blurry.