green evening dresses

Oga Titus by Eze Israel
Episode 9…
The phone rang again and he was confused on what to press so he asked Nedu,Nedu told him to press the green button even though Nedu wasn’t sure.He pressed it and heard Laura’s voice. green evening dresses
Laura:Hi darling
Titus:Baby na you?
Laura:Yes o,na me
Titus:How you dey na,hope say you reach house on time
Laura:Yes..You don dey sleep already?
Titus:Yes o,as television no dey wetin man go dey do by now.
Laura:Don’t worry tomorrow I go buy you television. I go com pick you up,you hear?
Titus:Baby you dey follow me joke?
Laura:No I dey serious.
Titus:See make I tell you something……You go go heaven tomorrow… No,na next tomorrow atleast by that time you go don buy the television.
Laura:(laughing) You are funny
Titus:You are dry (laughing)
Laura:Goodnight dear
Titus:You too goodnight there (thinking she meant there instead of dear)…(hangs call)
Chinedu: Na Laura abi
Chinedu: Why you tell am say she go go heaven
Titus:She say she wan buy television for this house.
Chinedu: You mean am?
Titus:Yes o.
Chinedu: Chai,we go chop am dry.
Titus: Abeg I wan sleep so make I hear word.
****next day*****
Laura came to pick him up in her car and they went to the market to buy the T.V. After buying it they returned home
Titus:Laura,you dey try for me o
Laura:Don’t mention
Titus:Kai,your talk dey always sweet me. I go do anything you want so far no be to die for you o
Laura:(smiling) Eh eh baby,something just enter my mind.
Titus: Talk am
Laura:The thing is that for you to marry me you no go fit use vulcanizing work marry me.
Titus:(disappointed) I no understand
Laura:Okay make I explain. My papa don dey disturb me say which time you go come see am and I tell am very soon.
Titus:Ah ah dat one no be problem na.I fit go see am tomorrow.
Laura:You no still understand… My papa think say na big man wan marry me.
Titus:Why you no tell am the person wey wan marry you na vulcanizer
Laura:E no go even gree..
Titus:Say wetin happen.. I no be man?Husband na husband, big man, small man,all na man.
Laura:No shout..What will happen is that I will open business for you, so I just want make you think of the kind business then tell me when you don ready..okay?
Titus: (he fell on the floor)
Laura:Stand up joor
Titus:Baby,I no say you dey joke.
Laura:No be joke o
Titus:How I go take pay back
Laura:Just marry me and be faithful, that’s all but for now come service my body.I need your stick to divide my water
Titus:That your Toto wey tight.. Anyhow na,hope you don chop sha
Laura:Sure.. I dey ready for you.
They had 3 ramp of s-x before they got tired and dozed off..In the evening she woke up surprised at how she slept. Without disturbing Titus she dressed up and left the room.
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