maid of honor wears in red color that won't cost much

Hysterectomy, Kidney removed, and so much more .... to NOW all tests/numbers good and healthy happy gut. Miracles do happen - cant promise Plexus will work as good for you as it did for Lisa but isn't it worth a try?

Lisa Lackey posted in November "My plexus testimony: Will start with the past so you can understand the victories thus far. In 2008 I had a hysterectomy and my Right ureter was damaged during the surgery. This caused my right kidney to swell 2 times the normal size over 2 weeks (the pain was unbelievable, same pain someone experiences with a kidney stone). At the 2 week point my ureter blew off my bladder. So had several stents done and then had to have a Ureter re-implantation done. That lasted about 6 mths and my kidney started swelling again. So from 2009 till 2012 I had about 20 stents put in my kidney (my body kept clogging them up). In 2012 I couldn't have any more stents so they put a Nephrostomy tube in back and I had to where a urine bag on my leg. After about 9 mths of that I had enough, so in 2013 I had my right kidney removed. After surgery my colon quit working and when they got it back functioning again I got violently sick and ripped my incision open internally which caused a huge hernia in my upper abdomen. So 2 months later I had to have the hernia repaired. It was an invasive surgery so the doctor paralyzed me from the chest down for 4 days to help with the pain. When I was able to get up again I became very short of breath and a Cat Scan showed I had developed 7 Pulmonary Embolisms. One had bleed out a little (God must of decided my time here on earth was not done because I survived it all). maid of honor wears in red color that won't cost much
So before my hysterectomy I was about 146 lbs and in 2015 I was 195 lbs (water weight from the kidney not functioning well and depressed and knowing that I couldn't control my heath issues but I could control my food is why I gained so much weight) Then in February 2015 I started seeing Kelly Rast post about Plexus and how it was helping her lose the weight, feel good and no more constipation. I started researching it and in March I placed my first order. I took the ingredients list to my Neurologist and told him I was taking these supplements and guessed I needed to let him know and was it OK (white lie, I had ordered but not taken yet) and he looked it over and said yes but you have to keep testing you BUN and Creatinine (shows kidney function) and make sure it stays within normal range.
Now lets talk about what Plexus has done for me thus far: * lost about 30 inches of fat *gone down 2 pants sizes *BUN and Creatinine are completely within normal range *Cholesterol is down (good Cholesterol is up) * Blood sugar (A1C) back to normal range *Energy out the roof *Sleep like a baby and jump up out of the bed ready to go (and this is with only sleeping about 5 hours a night during the work week) *Allergies 95% better (use to get at least 2 infections a year and took sinus medicine everyday..which was not good for my liver or my one kidney) * constipation gone forever ( use to go to the bathroom every 2 weeks, and with a laxative once a week) Now I go twice a day everyday since the 3rd day on the triplex * A business helping others get healthy and the most amazing Plexus friends a girl/guy could ever have.
My journey will continue for the rest of my life.
Gut health pusher! !"
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