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2013--2017: THE 4TH YEARS



OH MOE YAH and I would sit down, WHAT JUST HAPPENED and sits down next to me, I
will tell you what happened, and MY younger sister GOSH, I just cannot believe
me OPPA, look how he treats what I LOVE, knowing how much I treasure and cherish
that gift and she is walking into the room AHH YEE GOH YAH and looks around and
Esther HEY SISSY YAH and oINk OH MOE, UNNI, Esther UNNI YO, do you know that I
AM not in the mood to be hearing anything right now, and GOSH, I know his toys
are around here somewhere and Esther is like BUT, YOU KNOW that he is still your
OPPA and my younger sister stops, YES, BUT, did you not see what me OPPA be
doing, he came into me room, he knows how much I love that PINK TOKI YAH, and
HOW dare he puts his filthy self, did not take any showers for days and sits
there and burry his face and rubs all that dirt into what I hold and sleep at
NIGHT GOSH EE, OH MOE YAH and Esther is like, BUT SISSY YAH, you be the bigger
person then, do be like your OPPA on that level, then I am sure he is able to
change the bad ways, start to think about what you care and shows you that he
too cares, GOSH EE UNNI YAH, and my younger sister goes over and she is on her
two knees, NOW I am going to tear this apart, and Esther behind, why don't you
show what it means to consider, and my younger sister is thinking and Elaine is
like DO you see, your sissy did consider, so I think you DJ OPPA should as well,
MY MAMA looks at me, SON, I want you to take the bath NOW and I AM like OH MAH,
how about me ICE Cream HUH, I do not want the Strawberry ICE CREAM, if you can
get me the COOKIES N CREAM HUH and I AM like GOSH and my mama looks, ALRIGHT,
COME and bathe first and I LOOK DOWN, OKAY and Elaine stretches her lips WHAT A
GOOD SON HEHEHEHEEH, and OH WHOA, you smell like nasty arm pit tho OH GEEZ and
my mama walks into the restroom and she looks, SON, and the door closes, WHY
don't you like to take a shower and my mama turns on the hot water, and she
looks, SON and I Am like BEcause OH MAh, you make it so scratchy on me skins and
oINK SON, I am just trying to get rid of all the dirt off your skins, it has to
hurt if you want it to be removed son, SINCE you do not know how to get rid of
it and my mama looks DOWN, OH MOE, you smell so bad, GOSH, HOW embarssing is
this to have a smelly little boy in my own apartment who lives in the same roof
under, you have a home, GOSH, there are children that has no place to live, I
can truly understand that but ME SON has a place to sleep, to use the restroom
and plus to take a shower and a bath, and my mama looks DOWN and her both hands
grabs the bottom of me shirt OH WOW WOW, NO SON and removes it off, and I would
unbutton and remove the pant and the boxer, OH MOE and I would walk over, one
leg goes into the tub and OINK, OH WOW, it is not that hot MAMA and the other
leg goes in, SON and my mama looks at me, SIT DOWN in that tub nOW and I sit
inside this tub, OH MOE, OH MAH YAh, how about me toys, can I put me toys plus,
OH WOO HEHEHEH, I LOVE ME a BUBBLE BATH GEEz, and my mama hand grabs and twist
to stop the hot water, NO SON, NO, and my younger sister AHH HEHEHEEH YAH YAH
AHH WOO WEE and Esther is looking and OH MOE WOO WAH HAHAhA and my younger
sister would arms goes down, holding the pink Toki yah and she tosses into the
AIR WAHH YEE YAH YAH and goes UP and comes down and both hands catches it and

is standing behind, do you really like it that MUCH SISSY YAH OH MOE and my
younger sister wraps her arms around this PINK TOKI YO, OH GEEz, SHE IS like me
DAL, my daughter and who is not going to love their only daughter HUH and puts
her side of the face top between the two ears OINk OH MOE, her nose OH GOSH
SNIFF SNIFF, and ELaine walks into the room UNNI YAH, SISsY UNNI YAH, YES, I
told your OPPA what happened in your OPPA's ROOM and NOW, he went into take the
bathe and my younger sister, GOSH, me PINK TOKI YAH smells pretty bad and Esther
walks up, and she stop, well just put that PINK Toki YAH in the cold warm and
put shampoo in it and let it sit there, give time to dry it, it would become
fresh and new, do not be mad at your OPPA, I am sure he did not mean to cause
it, JUST THAT HE does not like to take a bath or shower HAHAHAAH and my younger
sister OH MOE, thank you UNNI YAH, I just wish sometimes that YOU were me blood,
that would of been nice and ELAINE walks up and stops, HEY HEY, how about me HUH
and my younger sister looks, OINK yes, you be my younger sister and Esther be my
unni like this, GOSH AHH GEEZ, why do I have to be relative and have a sibling
like that round globe head GOSH and Esther looks, that is why it is very fun to
have you see you see and my younger sister looks OINK, OH MOE, let us go down
the stairs and we can have the I C E C R E A M! any ways me OPPA do not like the
strawberries and my younger sister would take the pink TOKI yah and place in the
top of her and turns, LET us go now and my younger sister would lead the way,
and the two sister would follow me SISSY YAH, and I AM like AHHHH EEE WOO, OH
MAH, and I put me arm back into the water, SON, you see this arm, did you not
see all that DAE HUH! give me your ARM son and I AM moving me lips side to side,
GOSH MAMA, OH MAH, it hurts the way you be scrubbing and my mama puts her hand
into, BAL LEE JO SON, and she grabs me arm and lift it out of the water, puts
the body washer scruber and starts to go up and down up and down on me arm, OH
MOE OH MOE YAH, SON, lOOK at all these DAE, you see this, SON and I AM looking
at the wall, SON and I would be like OH MAH, what can't I put me toys in this
tub HUH, why can I have me the bubbles that smells so good and plus the one with
the stick to dip into the bottle and to blow me them Os you see, I want to play
with me bubbles and toys, and my mama is like SON, AH DOR RAh, I thought that
you wanted some ICE CREAM HUH, since you do not know how to clean yourself
right, that is why I am guessing you do not like to take either BATH or shower
and I turn and look at the side of me MAMA's face, OH MOE, OH MAH YAH, that is
not true, it is because I DO NOT like to just sit here, it is BOO WOO BOO WOO
and my mama looks, SON, if you want to have a bubble bath and play with toys, go
right ahead as long as you are going to be clean yourself, and GOSH OH MAH, why
does it has to hurt, you are making me skin change colors, OH LOOK and my mama
stops scrubbing, SON, do you not like the way I AM doing this for YOU, and my
mama dips me arm back into the warm water and pulls it out and scrubbs on the
side and on the back, SON, it is because you do not know how, I AM only showing
you and teaching you, this will be my last time to show you me SON, I have no
complain with your younger sister and I AM like GEEz OH WOO BOO BOO WOO, NOW my
younger sister is walking into the kitchen in the first floor, OH GOSH, I just
cannot wait and see and she stops and looks UP OH GOSH, ELAINE and Esther UNNI,
can you get the bowls and the door opens and my younger sister looks inside,
OINk OH MOE, where is the Strawberry I C E C R E A M! and my younger sister
turns aroound and she is like AHH GOSh, I wanted me some I C E C R E A M and her
lips moves side to side, GEEz and walks out and she is like ALL the time,
because of that round face globe head AHH GEEZ and UNNI UNNI YAH, and ELAINE
walks out of the kitchen, arms holding around the BIG GALLON and her hand grabs
and pops the top, oH MOE, she stops and looks into the GALLON, OH GOSH, UNNI YAH
the Straw berry ice cream has melted away, AHHH GOSH, I reall wanted some, OH
LOOK UNNI YAH, and the

two hands tilts and my younger sister looks into, GOSH, I am going to grab that
little YELLOW boy's neck OH GOSH, next thing he is going to know, he has not
neck onces I AM done twisting it and my younger sister looks up at the stairs,
AHH GOSh YEE YAH. And she looks, NOW NOW, me two sisters yah, let us go up to
the stairs and let us go to the second floor, I AM going to tell me OH MAH about
this I C E C R E A M MAH and my younger sister looks UP let us GO, AHH DOO DOO
DOO DOO WOO and she starts to march, OHL left left left right left and OINK, OH
MOE YAH, HAHAHAH and Elaine is looking behind me younger sister oH MOE YAH,
UNNI, WOO HEHEH GOSH OINK wait for me too UNNI YAH and Elaine is marching
HEHEHEH, KNEE UP KNEE UP KNEE UP right left right, OINK and Esther is looking at
Elaine from the behind AH YEE GOH moe OH GOSH and she looks mang neh yah, Elaine
nee YAH OINK and my younger sister AHH HAHAHA, OH GOSH MARCH, left OH left knee
UP and OINK Elaine is behind and she stops OINK OH MOE, Esther UNNI YO, did you
call for me and her finger points to her chest and Esther is like, GOSH, you are
marching the wrong WAY DONG sang AH, it is left oh left oh left right left,
three lefts then to the right oINK and Elaine is moving her lips side to side oH
WOO HEHEHEHE and my younger sister OINK, she is on the steps, the fourth on one
foot and fifth on the other foot OH OH YEAH, Elaine nah, I am not going to say
the steps, I do not want you to be like me OPPA YAH HAHAHAH, GOSH, he always
confuses himself that It confuses me as WELL and I BE angry and Esther starts to
walk to the stairs and she looks, ELAINE NAH, I AM only trying to teach you from
right and wrong, so do not be wrong and Esther is holding the big gallon of the
Straw berry I C E C R E A M, OH GOSH and ELAINE turns her head and looks UP OINK
UNNI YAH, SISSY UNNI, let us go to the restroom and tell your OH MAH about this
Strawberry I C E C R E A M GOSH and my younger sister looks up and she starts to
run UP stairs shouting OH MAH YAH!! OH MAH YAH and my mama is looking SON,EE RUN
NAH OINK SON, get up so I can scrub all around you and I Am like GOSH, OH MAH,
DO you really have to be scrubbing dome more, AH YEEE WOO, you see, look at me
arms and hands, they are all red around me, and my mama looks, SON, if you want
to be very clean, yes there comes a time to be scrubbing with the pain, EE run
nah and I would get up and I am standing, OH MOE and me OH MAH LOOKS at me legs,
OINK, OH MOE, and my younger sister runs to the second floor, OH NO NO, is me OH
MAH in the restroom and Elaine runs up OH GOSH, UNNI YAH UNNI and she goes to
the second floor and Esther walks up to the second, and my younger sister puts
her ear on the door, WHAT IS IT? and Elaine is behind, and she opens the mouth
HAHAHAHAHA, OH GOSH, do not tell me that your MAMA is helping your OPPA how to
take shower or bath, oH GOSH, how old is your OPPA ANYWAYS, OH WOW WOW, I am
much younger than HE, and I would never let any of me parents, not even my HAL
MUH Nee to walk inside and AHH HAHAHAHAHA and my younger sister OINK and I am
like AHH AHH, Oh MAH, that is ticklish woo hehehe GOSH oh mah yah, and she is
looking at me belly, and scrubs around SON, and I AM like WOO HEHEHE, HOW about
me back, you see you see and I turn around, OH SON and the scrubber WOO HEHEHE
and the door DOK DOK DOK, DOK DOK DOK OINK, OH MOE and I turn me head, I think
that is SISSY OH MAH YAH, I think she wants to talk to you mama and my mama
stop, and my mama grabs the door knob with her hand and twist and pulls and the
door opens, my younger sister stands there and she looks UP, OH MAH YAh, I want
to speak to you outside, not here where that little yellow bowling ball head can
here our conversation, and

my mama looks down, OH KAY DAL LEH me yah and my mama turns around and looks
SON, I will back Okay and I lift up me lip and slides WOO HEHEEH and my mama
walks out the restroom and my younger sister points to her room, let us go to me
room and talk and my younger sister turns and she walks to her room, my mama is
walking down and she walks inside the room and my younger sister closes the door
and she looks up OINK, OH MAH YAH, and my mama looks down, wae? what is it and
my younger sister OH MOE, how can you say what is it, I do not get it at all,
let me ask you HOW old is me OPPA YAH right now, is he older than me? finger
points to the chest, UMM and me sissy looks up OF course I CALL that beach ball
head OPPA, not me dong sang, NOW Elaine is me dong sang and that means she is
younger which makes her even much younger than me OPPA YAH, what is wrong with
this picture is that OH MAH, if you do this for that SON, he is going to ask to
be spoon fed for more and my mama is like DAL, and my younger sister is like
UMM, I do not want to hear if it is going to make me angry OH MAH YAH, he can
take his bath all alone, DO you know what me ELAINE say, she was laughing at me
OPPA YAH and wondering he is older, and not any of her parents, not her HAL MUH
NEE YO TOO, GOSH and OH MAH, this is not good parenting at ALL, OH MAH YAH, you
are turning me OPPA into a little baby girl, not a boy, he has to become a true
man, not a child or a boy or a baby even OH GOSH, I Want to and my mama is like
DAL, let me tell you this, he does not know how to scrub his own body, I see a
lot oe dae! dirt in his skins all around and I AM showing your oPPA how to take
and remove all the dirts and my younger sister is like oH MAH, you should of
taught that boy when he is like five years old, I mean when he started to go to
pre-K or kindergarden, this is just too much for me to know about that big fat
melon head, and Elaine and Esther is out by the door and Esther is like GOSH, I
never knew that Dj would act like so childish HAHAHAHA and I AM like OH MOE and
I AM holding this scrub, OH GOSH EE YUK, what am I too do and I look over, ME
YAH YAH YAH AHH YEE SHAMPOO and I walk down and grab me a shampoo and I would
flip the BOTTLE, OH MEE YEE YAH YAH YAH and I would use both hands and I scrub
around oINK and I turn me head, lips moves side to side, OH GEEZ, where is me OH
MAH YAH and I lift up me one leg and the other and I would walk dripping wet,
GOSH and I would stop and turn OINK and I LOOK at me mirror, WOO HEHEHEEH AHH
HAHAH, OH LOOK, It looks like a snow on top of me head AHH HEHEHEEH YAH and I
close one eye< GOSH, if I can cover me with this me whole body yo, the I can sit mother of the bride casual dresses
outside and wave and say me frosty the Jr. WOO HEHEHEEH AHH INK and I open and
close GOSH and I turn over to the door, OH GEEZ, and my hand grabs the door knob
and twist and I poke me head out and I am looking at me room, and PISH, PISH,
Esther is looking OH MY MY, Elaine, guess who shows up with a big face, you see
that and Elaine is looking at my younger sister and turns around OH MOE and she
looks at my younger sister's door and knock, UNNI YAH, UNNI, SISSY UNNI YAH,
PISH EE P and the door opens and my younger sister HUH YES and OH MY and she
looks across oINK I am looking at me room and I turn me head, oH MOE, OH MAH,
look, OH GOSH, this is what I am talking about, and her finger points, your SON
and I AM like OH MAH, you see that SON, he has to be finished by now but AHH II
GOO, look OH MAH YAH, that SON IS waiting for you, AHH and my younger sister
walks out, OPPA YAH, you big fat biscuit head, you needs to finish taking your
bath, why are you waiting for our OH MAH, you are not a baby, it would be cute
if you were a three years old or even four can pass, but look at you grown
becoming you big fat tofu face and Both sisters opens the mouth HAHAHAHAAHA, and
my mama pokes her head out AHH YEE, SON, what is that on top of your head, are
you not suppose to wash that

out, do not tell me son you are finished and I AM like oH MAH, are you not going
to help mEEE yah, and my younger sister looks at me and her lips moves side to
side and she turns around, OH MAH, that is what I am talking about, he just do
not want to learn on his own, does not want to grow UP and Elaine HAHAHAHA, OH
WOW, OH HHAHAHAHAA. OINK OH MOE and my head sticking out and I Am looking and me
lips moves side to side, OH mah, me mouth opens wide OH MAH YAH and my hand
sticks out COME HERE OH MAH YAH RAHHH and Elaine is standing and looking
straight and direct OH MOE OH MOE, UNNI YAH, and her head looks UP and turns
slightly, DO you see that LITTLE YELLOW BOY, your OPPA HUH and what is that on
top of his head and I AM like OH MAH, ME OH MAH YAH AHH YAH AHH EE YAHH and
start to JUMP UP and down on my place, OINK INK INK ANK INK OINK and Up and
jumping in me place and I stop OINK ONE eye closes and opens, INK AINK INK OINK,
OH MAH YAH, and me hand waving, and my younger sister turns her head which I see
I see the back of me MAMA, OH MAH YAH, are you not going to turn around and see
your SON, OH GOSH, OH MOE OH GEESS and I would bend DOWN and LIFT up both legs
matter with your OPPA, that big fat BALLOON HEAD, you see you see, and why is he
not going to finish what he has started and I AM looking and I stop, the other
closes and it opens, OINK, OH MAH YAH and Elaine is like UNNI WOO HAHAHA, what
is so funny is that your OPPA, what is that on top of his head HUH GEEZ, is that
a SHAMPOO and my younger sister turns and looks, OPPA YAH, you needs to go
inside that restroom and go into that tub and finish BO BO BO BOO BO BO BOO YEE
YEA YAH you see what is happened to that SON, OH MAH, you spoiled HIM just too
much, OH LOOK OH MAH YAH, he is not going to listen to US and I put me one leg
OUT in front OH MOE and ELAINE looks down, OH GOSH LOOK UNNI YEE YO, OH LOOK at
that leg, you see that foot in front, and IS your OPPA without any clothes, HE
IS NAKED and going to come out and my younger sister turn to look at ME OH MAH's
face, OH LOOK LOOK LOOK at that SON, look at your AH DOR OH MAH YEE YOm OH LOOK,
he does not listen, he wants you to do everything for HIM and Elaine is JUMPING
AHH YEE OINK AHH YEE and she tilts her head and looks UP OH MOE NAH, UNNI YEE
YO, OH LOOK at that yellow boy, OH MOE NAH YO look, he is going to come out and
I am sticking me head, lips be moving side to side and my younger sister, OH MAH
YAH, can you please, OH PLEASE do something to that son of yours, it seems like
no matter what I say or even me MANG NEH DONG SANG, and OH MAH, you needs to say
something to that little BRAT GOSH and my mama turns around and I LOOK UP OINK,
OH MAH YAH and me mouth opens wide, OH MAH YAH and my mama looks, SON, you needs
to go back into the restroom and finish, finish that shampoo on the top of your
head and my lip slides across WOO HEHEHEEH, OH MAH YAH, you see, me finger
points the top of me head, this is me SNOW WOO WAH OINK, OH WHOA WHOA WHOA WOO
SAH WHOA WOO WOO HAHAHAH, GEEZ, OH MAH YAH, come and see me snow on top, and me
finger points on top and Elaine is looking at me and she turns to look at me
SISSY YAH, OH MOE, I think that is the main reason why he does not want to go
back into that tub, WHY is your OPPA WANTS to save that SHAMPOO on top of his
head, HE thinks that is a glob of SNOW WOO HEHEHEHE, UNNI YAH, and she turns to
the other side and looks at Esther, say something to that racoon head, I do not
think he is understanding any of it and I stick the other leg in the FRONT, and
OH MOE AHHHH! and Elaine points her finger, YOU SEE YOU SEE, her mouth opens
wide AHHHH oH LOOK, LOOK and starts to JUMP Up and down in hert place, OH GOSH
UNNI YAH, look oh lookie lookie LOOK at the two legs sticking OUT and still
jumping UP and DOWN, OH MOE OH MOE AHHH, mouth opens wider AHHHH YEEEE AHHH
stop oink, UNNI DWUL, do you want to see that Little YELLOW BOY walking out

and show us his, OH GOSH that fluffly beach ball OH AHH YEE WOO YAH YAh and
Elaine hands both covers the front of her face, UNNI YAH, is your OPPA went
inside the restroom and her head looks down, I CANNOT peek, I cannot see any of
that GEEZ, OH NO NO NO WOO NO NOPE SIR RI EEE AHH GOSH and she turns around to
face the room and my younger sister is looking, OH MOE, and her lip moves side
to side, and me lips slides across WOO HEHEHEEH AHH KEKEKEKEKE, YEA YEA OINK,
SISSY YAh DO not call me SISSY OPPA, please, do us a big favor, just go inside
and FINISH OFF that and her finger points to the top of me head, OPPA, do you
see what kind of scene, this picture of me little mang neh yah dong sang is
doing, you are causing a scene, a picture no one wants to see, and she looks, OH
MAH, do something, your SON, the little YELLOW BOY WILL NOT listen and me OH MAH
would walk and OH GOSH, GEEz and me lip slides across OH MOE OH MOE, Esther and
me SISSY, both are looking at me, I am jumping UP and DOWN, THUMB THUMP THUMB
THUMB WOO HEHEHEHEH AHHH YAH UP and down, Up and down, UP and UP and UP AHH YEE
YAH and my mama stops, SON, go back into that tub, and I AM like oINK OH MOE,
head moves side to side, NO! SON, AH DoR RAh, do you not know what your younger
sister be telling me and why she is complainting and I AM like I DO NOT CARE
REEEEE, and I stretch me two arms out, OH MOE and Esther turns to look at me
have to see that LITTLE YELLOW BOY and my younger sister AYE YEE AYE YEE, this
is so EMBARRASSING, WHAT KIND of family is this, OH MY, I cannot believe that is
ME OPPA, why is he acting even more childish, OH GOSH and me two CHING GOO DWUL
IS here AHH GOSH, OH MAH let me go and slap OPPA's double cheeks and kick his
chin and roll him like a beach ball back into that restroom AHH AHH YEE AHH YEE
YAH YAH YAH and I am like OINK, me OH MAH standing in front, SON, AH DOR RAH,
JOL MAL HAE TAE KA RAH and I AM like oINK HUH, I AM not going to leave until you
help me and OH MOE and ELaine, her both hands uncovers OINK, UNNI YAH, so is
your OPPA inside that rest room HUH and Esther turns to look back, UMM NO, DJ is
still there OH GEEz, he is saying to his mama he is not going to go unless she
goes with him OH WOW, OH MOE and Esther looks over, SISSY YAH, how about the I C
E C R E A M, I know your OPPA wanted some right OINK, and my younger sister
turns to look at me OH MAH, opens her mouth, OH MAH YAH, OH PISH PISH, OH MAH
YAH, OH PISH and me OH MAH turns, tell OPPA about that I C E C R E A M, he
wanted the COOKIE N CREAM RIGHT and my mama OH and her lip stretechs OH YEAH OH
and turns to look, SON, AH DOR RAH, I AM going to go with your younger sister
and two friends to the SUPERMARKET, and we will go and buy your COOKIE N CREAM,
OINK and I AM like OH MOE, me lip stretch across OH WHOA WHOA, SON, so please
finish and I will give you a large BOWL OKAY and I AM like AHH HEHEHEHEHEH YAH
YAH INK YAH WOO WOO WHOA and I would look up and spin around OINK, and my
younger sister is looking, OH MY, I told you we have a baby ENGLISH BULLDOG, OH
GOSH, always you have to treat it for a dog to listen and smile like me OPPA
DOES, and the two sister opens the mouth WIDE AHH HAhAHAHAAH OH WOW WHOA WOW,
and my mama looks down, SON, AH DOR RAH, OKAY and she gives me the fingers of OK
SIGN and I am moving me lips side to side and I AM like OH MY, CAN I GO too
OINK, LET ME GO TOO and my younger sister looks accross OH PLEASE, NO NO, you
take a bath, finish that shampoon and Elaine is like GOSH, if your OPPA goes, he
is going to ask for more toys right and ELAINE turns to look front, OH MOE, and
Esther looks over, YES, I know what he desires and my younger sister looks OINK,
OH MAH, OH MAH YAH, you have to remember that when you take your SON, instead
only coming out with the ICECREAM, your bag is not going to be just a bag, you
are going to be his SANTA CLAUSE OH GOSH, tell me OPPA NO! I do not want to stay
there like we are going to a mall and to shop for clothes, it is only one simple
small thing and my mama looks down, NO SON, your younger sister is right, you
stay and finish and I LOOK UP OINK OH MOE SON, what is that on your two cheeks,
and it is changing colorS, and I Am moving me lips side to side, IJ WANT TO GO
TOO and I raise me leg UP and DOWN and STOMP, WHoA WHOA, and I wrap me two arms,
and grinch

me face OH MOE and Elaine points HAHAHAH OH WOW, look at that face, HE IS
grinching and my younger sister turns to look at me, OH MY, looks like we have
another PUG in the home HAHAH, that is the younger brother of me PUG in the
cage, SUCH AN UGLY face when me OPPA makes that looks HAHAHA, he grinches like
our CHINESE PUG OH WOW, OH MAH, get me the camera and let me take a picture of
that face of your SON, and show to the PUG in her cage, I wonder if she is going
to recognize and says OH MOE, that is me YOUNGER BROTHER, Where is he, put him
in the cage with him, I WILL treat him good because me relative, OH MY SIBLING
YOU see and the paw will point at the face and also will show that grinch look
HAHAHAHAH and I turn me head to look OH MOE NAH and ELAINE LOOKS AHHHH YEE
HAhAHAHA, what an ugly face, YOU SEE YOU SEE THAT FACE AHH, let us all goes for
the covers and I AM like OINK, are you not going to take me too and my younger
sister looks across, OPPA, I know that you are going to ask for more than JUST
that ONE we came for, that is why I do not want to go in that supermarket like
we have to sit and wait for you to get done looking at every items, GEEZ, if
OPPA sits in the van and waits then we can take you and I AM like HUH OINK, OH
MOE, I AM not going to sit in the van and wait and my younger sister turns to
look at me MAMA, OH MAH YOU SEE this also, this is what I AM calling wasting our
time, is OPPA NOT suppose to be in that tub and the water and my mama looks,
SON, AH DOR RAH, please, let me and your younger sister and her two friends go
get your ICE CREAM OKAY and I am like oINK OH MOE, OH WOO HAhAhAh, I am going to
go to me room and get the toys I play in me tub, HEEEE and I close me two eyes,
and my mama looks at me face OH MOE, OKAY, and my mama looks, DAL, neh DAL LEH
ME YAH, come and let us go and my mama starts to walk around and she looks down
the stairs, legs lift Up and down as she walks down the stairs and OINK Elaine
looks to at the right side, WHOA WEE, OH GEEZ, oink OH SNAP HAHAHAHA and my
younger sister turns to look back, what is it MANG NEH YAh, I think your OPPA is
going to stay and he is not going to go with US WOO WEE and my younger sister
turns OINK OH MOE, HAHAHA, yes YEE and she starts to walk to the stairs and
looks down, OH LET US HOP our way BACK BACK BACK OH DOWN WOO WEE and I am
looking OINK and ELAINE is looking, YOU BETTER stay there, do not come out, I DO
NOT want to see any of that you b ig fat COO COO BIRD HEAD and I Am like OH MOE,
if you ELAINE calls me name I will come out and grab your little peacock head
and twirl you around and spin you in circles and make you walk down stairs,
OINK, OH MOE, UNNI YAH and Elaine raises and taps the shoulder blade of ME
SISSY, her mouth opens UNNI YAH, did you head what your round big face OPPA be
telling me, he is going AHH and I am moving, AHHH Elaine starts to scream OH
MOE, LOOK at this face her head turns too look at me, he is trying to come out,
OH MOE, HELP ME not to see this face and my younger sister, LET US GO and my
younger sister bends the two legs down and lifts UP and jumps, Up and DOWN, and
starts to HOP down the stairs, NO STOP me two friends, her BODY, the two legs UP
and down, one step down, Up and down Up and down UP and down, both feet raises
UP hoping down to DOWN and WOO WEE HAHAHAH are you coming down TOO WOO WEE and
Elaine is behind, HAHAHAAH UNNI YAH UNNI, and she is going Up and DOWN, ONE step
to the next DOWN and DOWN and DOWN and her head looks back OINK Esther UNNI YO,
Esther too, HAHAHHA, I AM coming down too mang neh yeh, and UP and down UP and
down legs goes UP and down as she goes down the steps behind and the three
little yellow girls, OH MOE HAHAHAH THUMB THUMB THUMB THUMB, all three UP and
down UP and down, and one step at a time to the first floor, me OH mah walks out
of the kitchen and looks oINK OH MOE, you girls needs to be careful, do not slip
and fall and my younger sister stands and looks UP, her lips move side to side,
OH MAH, you see, her both arms raises and stretchs out to V SHAPE, mouth opens,
OH MAH YAH, we are the three professionals at jumping down stairs, and ELaine
behind tilts her head up OH YES AH JUM MUH NEE YO WOO HEHEHEEH and you see and
my mama looks and smiles, lip goes across, COME ON NOW girls, let us go and hit
the road, and the three yellow girls WOO HEHEEH, and hands would all three
covers the mouth WOO

HEHEHEEH AHH HEHEHEH GEEZ and my younger sister turns around to face the two
sisters, SOHN JOO SAY YO, SOHN and the hands would hold together and the three
WOO HEHEEH and Elaine looks UP OINK OH MOE, UNNI WHY EE YAH HUH and my younger
sister looks straight COME let us go RING A ROUND the ROSEY ASHES ASHES we all
fall and OINK, Esther looks OH MOE, do we have to fall down and sit on the floor
and ELaine turns to look at her older sister OH MOE, I DO NOT THINK SO BOO WOO
BOO WOO and my younger sister looks at the two sisters, let us walk to the right
and the three yellow girls start to walk on the right together WOO HEHEHEEH, WOO
HEHEHEEH and Elaine looks UNNI HOW ABOUT JUMPING together in merry GO round HUH
and my younger sister stops OH MOE and the two sisters stops, OH YEAH and I walk
out of me restroom and I HEAR OH MOE, they are playing without me, and the
finger points to me chest, and lips move side to side, I LOVE me Merry GO round
and I would BEND down both legs THUMB THUMB oink and ELAINE moves her lips side
to side, what is that sound and she turns OH GOSH, that is your OPPA, is he not
suppose to be taking his bath and my younger sister, she opens her mouth OH MAH
YAH!! OH MAH and I am laughing HAhAHAH and UP and down, ONE step down to the
next OH GOSH, OH MAH, and Esther looks UP OH MY MY, your OPPA has nothing on and
he is coming down here and AHHHH my younger sister looks across towards kitchen
OH MAH look at your son and I AM standing still on the stairs and naked OH MY
MY, and my mama looks OH MOE, SON, what is this, I thought I told you to take
your bath and my younger sister is like I guess me OPPA wants to go tanning,
take him outside on that cold, let him lat down and maybe he will get some
taning on this very cold day and my mama walks over to the stairs, SON, AH DOR
RAH, what DID I say to YOU HUH, that and I AM looking over, OH MAH YAH, you say
you are going to go and buy I C E C R E A M, OH LOOK at the three yellow girls,
they are walking and jumping in circles, that is not going to the supermarket,
that is making FUN OF ME and the finger points to me chest and my lips moves
side to side, oH LOOK and my mama is looking UP and OH MOE SON, why do you have
nothing on, are you crazy SON, go back to the tub, NOW, MEME HA KA YO and I
LOOK, OH MOE, OH MAH YAH, SISSY is not wearing any shoes and you see I thought
they are suppose to be going with YOU, and you are going to be mad at me and
MEME ME stick HUH, OH WOW, and YOU, they are holding hands together and going
merry GO round, you should also MEME ME SISSY YAH TOO and my younger sister, OH
MOE, and her lips moves side to side, HOW is this the same as what you are
doing, my younger sister releases two hands and turns, GOSH OPPA, you are little
BUSH BOY, why are you coming over here like that, at least a towel around the
waistline, you have to be more civilized but that is not being but like a real
BUSH BOY living in the forest of the AMAZON, do you see us being naked here and
going in circles, at least we have our clothes on but look at that flat head
face, and my younger sister turns and looks on the side of me MAMA, OH MAH YAH,
let us just go, GOSH that is like and ELAINE is covering her two eyes, UNNI YAH,
is your OPPA GONE and Esther too, OH MOE, why do we have to be going out like
this and my younger sister, come let us leave and my mama looks UP, SON, I am
very disappointed in you, we will have a long talk after I get back and I move
me lip side to side HUH OINK WHY OH MAH YAH, why talk to me with long talk, HOW
about that little YELLOW GIRL, she also is doing something OINK OH MOE and
Esther on the right side, CHAM MOE, I know you are going to say something but be
a bigger person and my younger sister looks DOWN, HOW can I be patient, can you
ESTHER UNNI YO CHAM MOE in this kind of situation, he is pointing finger and
blaming on and GOSH, I want to grab me a rock and throw it across, I hope it
hits his forehead, maybe that is a wakeup call for whenever you mess with me
SISSY, I will show you what a pitcher does with a rock when she throws and
burns, OH FIRE WEE FIRE WEE and IT BURNS your SOUL, OH FIRE WEE, cool me down
before I hit me insantity and do something that I MIGHT END UP regreting, and I
Am like GOSH, OH MAH YAH and my mama looks, IF you say a word, ONE MORE WORD, I
am going to MEME you with me hands, NOW Go before I change me mind about your

and I open me mouth OH NOOOO WOO and I turn and I walk up the stairs THUMB THUMP
THUMB THUMP and OH MY MY Elaine stops and looks back, GOSH, your OPPA can be a
pain in the BEHIND HUH and my younger sister stops, OINK, yes, and the door
opens and my mama is waiting, COME three girls and I am walking and STOP, GOSH
and I stop and look, HOW can me MAMA say she wants to MEME MEE BEHIND and NOT me
sissy yah and I look at me room oINK and lips moves side to side and I lift up
me two feet and runs into the room, GOSH and I look at me right and left oINK,
and I point down at me right I would bend down to me two knees and PULLS the BOX
forward and I LOOK OH GOSH, what DO I want to take and I SEE the BUBBLE bath
bottle and OH MOE YAH WOO HEHEHEHEHE GEEEZ and I look at the top, OH GOSH and I
LOOK at the bath toys, OH MOE, I Want to get me more bath toys too, GEEZ and I
grab me three toys in the BOX OH MOE HAHAHAH and me lip slides across AHH
HEHEHEEHEH YAAAHH AHHH YAAHH and I am holding it around me arms and I would
stand UP on two feet and turn around and walk towards me rest room, go to the
tub and I would drop three toys on the floor and also me BUBBLE BATH and I turn
and I walk OH MOE HAhAhA and I stand I look straight at me MIRROR, OH MOE, it is
still there, OH AHH HAHAHAHA, what is this, and me finger points up at glob, OH
MOE YAH, WOO WOO TOO TOO WOO WOO TOO TOO and arm goes UP and down like pulling
on me BELL of a CHU CHU CHU TRAIN TOO TOO MEE HAhAHAH and I LOOK at the mirror
and one eye closes, and both hands covers me lip WOO HEHEHEEHEH AHH HAHAHAHA and
two eyes LOOKS up OH MOE, I remember something on me HEAD, YOU SEE YOU SEE, and
I LOOK UP, my mama is looking at the two of US, SON, AH DOR RAH, there is a lot
of snow outside, watch your Younger sister, I have to cook in the kitchen and my
mama is blocking the way to the door, SON and she bends, SON, AH DOR RAH, watch
your younger sister for me, you have to remember she is your younger sister,
when I am not around and your father too is not around, it is up to you to be
that older brother and my younger sister, she has big thick jacket and ear
muffles covers, and two mittens and scarf around her neck and also furry hat and
she turns and looks, and her lips moves side to side, OPPA YAH, let us go and
play, I see I see a lot of SNOW WOO HAHAHA, OPPA YAH, let us go and see, OH MOE
and my mama looks SON, why can't you answer me, I cannot look out for the two of
you right now, I AM in the kitchen and I have prepare to make some dinner, AH
DOR, tell me what I SAY and I AM like UMM, OINK and my younger sister turns her
head and looks, OH GOSH OPPA NUN BAAA BO YAH, she just say to you that to watch
over me, GOSH you big fat bee bee eyes, oH MOE not just a bee bee eyes but a
deaf ears, how is that I AM able to hear and I am standing in the closest range
as you and we are so close to me OH MAH's lip, OH MOE, are you thinking about
something else HUH OINK INK and I am looking and a hand slaps me lip HEHEHEEH,
OPPA and I turn, OH MOE, if you hit me lip, I AM going to let you alone, AH DOr,
my mama grabs me hand and pulls, WHAT DID I SAY to YOU or you cannot go out and
play HUH and I AM like be the OLDER person, watch me sissy yah and my mama looks
up YES SON, why couldn't you just say that and she gets UP and looks at the door
knob and opens the door, and I Am like OH MOE, OH GOSH and my younger sister OH
WHOA WHoA WHOA HAhaHAAHHA and she would be bending, and my mama is like oINK
DAL, NO, it is cold and slipper outside, NO jumping and hoping, it is very icy
in the front and she stops OINK and I Am too bending two legs, SON, no, and I
would stand up and I would walk out side in the new PLANO HOUSE and I am like oH
MOE WOO HAHAHA and my younger sister is grabing me ARM, OPPA YAH, you have to
slow down and wait for me, OKAY OPPA YAH and I AM like OH YES, I BE wait for YOU
and WOO HEHEHE OPPA GAH JAE GOH YAH WOO HEHEH and I look at the front and my
younger sister looks at the grass but covers of snow WOO HEHEHE AHH GOSh and she
walks into the grass covered with the snow, OPPA, AHH HEHEHEEH OPPA YAh YOO WOO
YOO WOO YOO WOO HE HE and crunchy crunchy and she stops OH MOE, WOO HEHEHEEH and
both hands covers her lip OH YEA YEE yEA YEE and she turns, OPPA, come over here
and SEE, COOME here OPPA YAH and I am looking COME and I would walk over to the
grass covered in snow, and she looks, OPPA HAHAHA, you needs to

see this and she lifts UP her leg UP OH MOE, LOOK, and I Am looking down, that
is what I call a print in the snow, that is from me shoe, OH I... AM Dreaming OF
Scratch OH MOE and I AM like, oh moe, shake that off, GOSH shake shake shake
that off SISSY YAH or do not sing with a scratchy voice, it maa bring out the
creature up on the surface OINK and that creatures would be angry saying why do
you force me out when it is cold outside with snow and my younger sister looks
at me, OH MY, what do I have to do to make you know how to controll that LIP,
and she bends down, and her two mittens and starts to collect into a snow and
side and side scraps and scraps ZZIIGGY ZZZIGGGY ZAAAGG ZIIGGY ZAG and becomes
this medium size BALL, OH MOE LOOK, OPPA yah, come and see you see and I am like
HUH and I be lifting up two legs in the snow, OH GOSH GEES CRUNCHY CRUNCHY
CRUNCHY going around and I looks down OH MOE, what is it SISSY and my younger
sister KEKEKEKE OPPA come and SEE and she takes her both hands away and finger
points at the snowball and lips moves side to side, WOO HEHEEH, OPPA YAH, come
and take a LOOk and SEE EE YAH and I my two legs goes down and bends and looks
down OH MOE HAHAHA, it is a pretty big SIZE SISSY YAh and my younger sister,
okay and her both hands grabs on the side od this SNOW BALL and raises UP the
two arms I I I YEE YEE YEE I I I YEE and the arms goes higher and over me head
and she places the round circle snow ball on top of me head WOO HEHEHEEH YAAH
INK OINK, OH MOE, only if you can see, and my mama walks out, SON, DAUGHTER and
my younger sister OH WOO OINK, OH MAH and her arm starts to be waving, OH MAH
WOO HEHEHEH, can you bring me a mirror, AHH WOO AHH WOO HEHEHE, you needs to see
me OPPA's top of head and my younger sister looks and point up on top of me head
WOO HAHAHAHA WOO HEHEHEHE, GEEZ and my mama goes inside and in few seconds walks
out with a medium size mirror, and she walks through the snow, I too have a
puffy jacket with two mittens, scarf and but no hat but ear muffles OH MOE and
my mama walks into the snow, CRUNCHY CRUNCHY CRUNCHY and my mama stops oH MOE
HAHAH, SON, you need to take a look what is on top of that head of yours and her
both legs goes down and lowers and she flips the mirror and shows me, OH MY MY,
my younger sister would be bendin and walks like a duck and stops, her finger
points from the side HAHAHAH OH MOE, OPPA, can you see that HUH, and her eyes
are looking at the mirror, OH MOE NAH HAHAHAH, it looks like your head is out of
shape HUH and I raise up me head up and that snow ball falls out PLAAAHHH OOOWLL
OINK OH MOE, OPPA YAH, why did you do that, I wanted to take me a picture of
that you see, OKAY, I AM going to make me another one GAHH AHH ISH and no more
OPPA raising up your head and I turn OH MY, SISSY YAH, I do not want that in me
top head and my lips moves side to side, I AM looking at the mirror in the rest
room, me lip slides across OH GOSH HAHAHAH, it looks like that, but this one is
staying on top of me heaD WOO HOO and I look at the bath tub, UM LET ME ME ME
YAH SEE YAHH scratch OH GOSH and I walk and stop by the tub, lower both legs
down and grabs me the toys into me hands and get up stand up and me one leg goes
into the tub full of water and the other leg goes into the tub full of water and
I would sit into the tub HAHAHAHA, the toys start to go down, I look over, and
arms falls and hand grabs a bubble bath and I sit up, OH MOE OH MOE AHH WOO AHH
WOO AH YEE YAH and open the top and upside and the water becomes into the
bubbles and I AM looking around AHH WOO YAH, OH MOE, HAHAHAHAHAHA I never felt
like this in me LIFE and I lay down, OH MOE I am drowing, beep beep beep beep
undercovers beep beep beep WOO HEHEH< I am drowing into the water full of
bubbles AHH HAhAHAAH, my mama is driving and my younger sister is sitting with
Elaine, OH MOE, what are you thinking about UNNI YAH and my younger sister is
looking UP, OH MOE, I was thinking about what happened when me and OPPA went out
and it was snowy outside, AND GEES, I remember ElAINE HAHAHAHA, I put a medium
size round snow ball on top of me OPPA's head and it looked like that glob of
shampoo on his head and I am not sure if me OPPA remembers, OH OH YEAH, GOSH,
that is when ME OPPA showed me the KANG AR ROO, HUH, but it was not the dance
yet, OH MOE and ELaine is grabing the one arm and her hands are OH GOSH, I want
to hear UNNI YAH, LET ME HEAR that STORY of that KAnGAROO coming into that
picture, and Esther sitting by the window turns, OH MOE, yes sissy yah,

tell us MORE ABOUT IT, OH GOSH and the three little yellow girls LOOKS UP, OH
MOE, and HEHEEHEH my mama gets up, SON, watch your younger sister, I am going to
be checking on both of you okay and she gets UP, both legs are walking back to
the house, CRUNCHY CRUNCHY CRUNCHY and my younger sister, OH MOE, OH LOOK at
that YOU SEE and she stands on both legs AHH HEHEEHEHE, OH LOOK and her finger
points and the snow starts to fall, them FLAKES HAHAHA, OH GOSH, OPPA, let us
see how many you can put into your MOUTH and she is looking UP the sky, her
mouth opens wide LAAHHHH AHHHHH and I stand on two legs and I LOOK OH MOE, I
should of save that medium size snow ball, I could of gave you a snow cone and
just shove it there OINK and her mouth close, OH GOSH, if you of done that you
big fat bucket head, I would of make another, but TWO SNOW BALLS and smash on
left and right eyes to see which one hurts more, I bet me oppa be crying in the
snow while I AM laughing at your big round face and OINK SO OPPA YAH, do not
mess with your SISSY YAH because I can be very violent person too and SHE LOOKS
UP OH MOE, LOOK OPPA, more snow flakes and her head looks UP and mouth opens and
two eyes closes, LAAAAHHH EHHHH YAHHHH AHHHH and I look oh moe, that is not how
you fill it up SISSY YAH and I look up tilt me head, and me two hands in the
front like a pray mantis hand and I would bend the two legs down and open
AHHHHHH me mouth AHHHH and I would Lift UP both legs, LEEEEHHH YEEEEEE YAAHHHH
AHHH and I would jump UP and DOWN, BOING BOING BOING Up and down, AHHHH oh moE
AHHHH and my younger sister opens her eyes HUH and looks OH WOO HAHAHA, OPPA,
what are you doing, and I AM like YEEEEEAAAAA AHHHHH and Up and down, OH MOE,
let me try and SEE TOO, OPPA yAH, here I COME WITH YOU and she would lift up
both legs UP and UP and UP and UP jumping AHHHH HAHAHA and both of us Up and
DOWN, my mama peeks on the window and she looks OH MOE, OH LOOK at the two, I
would think that they would be arguing and fighting, BUT OH MY, I AM proud of
you me SON and me DAUGHTER and my mama walks back to the kitchen, OINK and
ELAINE LOOKS HUH, UNNI YAH, I though you say the KANGAROO, was that it HUH and
my younger sister, I MEAN we would jump UP and down and Esther is like HAHAH
GOSH OH BOO WOO BOO WOO OINK OH YEAH, I did not finish it yet you see HA! YAHH
AHH HAHAHA GOSH and Elaine looks at me SISSY YAH, OH MOE MY MY SNIFF, is that
what really happened and my younger sister looks and lowers her head, YES, there
are so many things that went on with me and OPPA YAH, some was very nice times
and it makes me smile and times like those makes me just wish to go back, OH
GOSH and Elaine looks, OINK I would always imagine that you and your OPPA at
war, always fighting over something when it is really just nothing HUH and my
younger sister looks, I am sure that every siblings has a story to share rather
it is at peace or at war, some has a wonderful memories some can have no peace
and leaves scars and bruises and YOU WOO SEE, and for MEE YAh, I mean we had
good and bad, the one about the snowy time, GEEEZ, I want to go back, and GOSH
and ELaine looks, OH ALSO this, and I AM walking back OUT SIDE and II OINK oH
MOE and me OH MAH, SON, AH DOR RAH, it is getting cold inside this house, would
you please shut the door, I mean to close and I AM looking out OH MOE WOO WEE
HEHEHEH and I look OH GOSH, YOU SEE YOU SEE and I would bend me two legs DOWN
and I would lift up the two legs and start to HOP, BOING BOING BOING ING ING ING
BOING, and I would stop, OH GOSH HAHAHAHA and I lift up me head looking UP OH
GOSH EE YANG YANG YING YING YANG and lips slides and opens WOO HAHAHAH and AHH,
AHH I open me mouth wide, AHHH and my younger sister in the kitchen OH MAH can I
have me some cookies and MILK, OH GOSH HAHA, HOW ABOUT ME OPPA YAH and my mama
looks down, go and get your brother, I will give you both cookies and MILK, go
and bring him in, ME SISSY YAH walks out of the kitchen, opens her mouth OPPA
YAh! OPPA YAH! and she walks, two legs are walking moving up and down, OPPA YAH,
her mouth opens wide OPPA YAH and me SISSY yah stops and she sees out the window
OH MOE, her lips moves across and slides OH MOE WOO HEHEHE and I am outside on
the lawn, but all covers with the snow, WOO HEHEHHEHEH and I would bend and two
legs goes down, and would be gathering the snows around WOO HEHEEH AH HEE YAH
INK and I would

lift both legs UP and throw the snows in the air INK ANK INK and lip slides and
open WOO HEHEEHEH AH! and my younger sister looks OH MOE GOSH HEHEEHH and she
would walk outside and turns OPPA YAh! OPPA YAH! come inside, GEEZ, YOU SEE YOU
SEE, ME OH MAh has made for US MILK and COOKIES and, OH WEE GEEz and I LOOK UP
and finger points, OH MOE OPPA YAH, what is it HUH and I LOOK UP, AHHHH, mouth
opens wide AHHH and the snow flakes start to fall AHH WOO HEHEHEHEEH YAH and I
would be LOOKING UP and both legs bends over and starts to HOP, Up and down,
points, is that the KANGAR ROO JUMP and I am JUMPING HOPING Up and down
HAHAHAAHA UP and down HAHAHAAHAH and going around in circles HAHAAHAHAH Up and
down Up and down BOING ING BOING ING BOING BOING BOING, AHHH, I want to taste
the snow in me mouth LEH EEHH AHHHH and my younger sister OH GOSH, her lips
moves side to side, oH MOE YAH, OPPA YAH, mE Too ME TOO and she walks to the
side to the lawn, I want to try too WOO HEHEHEHEHE AH INK AH INK AH! And ELaine
looks at me SISSY yah OH MOE OH WOW, GEEz, that is a good memory when you two
were even younger HUH and me SiSsY lip slides YUP, that was a good days of great
FROOOOM FROOOOM ROOOM and My mama is looking forward FROOOOM ROOOM ROOOOOM and
GOSH my younger sister is sitting with Elaine on the passanger door side and
AHHHH! and GOSH Elaine sitting on the left, UNNI YAH, and OINK and my younger
sister turns her head YES MANG NEH ELAINE NEE YAH, and she turns her head
looking out the window OH MOE, can you tell me something, why does your OPPA
loves to bring toys in bath tub, and GOSH, I neer knew that he is so different,
oink, OH MOE, UNNI YAH UNNI, and Esther sitting on the back of the driver by the
window turns and looks OH MOE, WOO HEHEHEHE, YES tell us about it HUH, I want to
hear something, OINK, and my younger sister turns her head looking at Esther and
turns her head to look at Elaine and her lips moves side to side, GOSH, UMM, me
stomach is ready to growl raahh ahhh roo, OH GEEZ GGGRrrr OINK and my younger
sister looks UP, OH MOE, I will tell you when I try to sleep, and the two
sisters looks UP, OH WaAAAaahh HAHAHAH and the lip stretches across and it
slides OH WOW and my younger sister OINK, do you see that CLOUD, up there right
there up there HUH and Esther turns slighty over and the lip stretches and
slides across OH WOO HEHEH I DO SEE, I SEE I SEE OH I SEE! AND Elaine is looking
up too, OH MOE, what color is this cloud and Elaine lowers her head and turns
over to look at Esther, GOSH, I DO NOT SEE no cloud, is it black cloud, oink,
how about grey or gray cloud, UUmmm HMm Umm HMMm HUH, and Elaine moves her lip
side to side, GOSH UNNI YAH, what color, is it pink?? OH MOE and Esther OH GOSH
I love me PINK CLOUD, would that not be a nice color to see OH GEEEZ and Elaine
moves her lip side to side, so that is not the color, HOW about yellow?! HUH, or
red, I love me baby blue color, is that it Esther UNNI YAH, and Esther looks
down OH MY MY MOO MY MOO MOE YAH, why can't you be looking at me right HUH, WHY
DO YOU HAVE to lower them eyes and cannot face me eyes and tell me to me face
that YOU CAN SEE HUH, the finger of Elaine is pointing to the two eyes, and my
younger sister lowers and turns to look at ELAINE, AHH HUMM MmM MANG NEH ELAINE
NEE YO, that is your UNNI ESTHER and should not be rude like that OINK, and
ELaine turns her head and looks at my younger sister, OH GOSH GEEZ UNNI YEE YO,
DO you know that I do not like it when people are not truthful, I was only
asking the color of the cloud because no matter which way I turn to look up, I
cannot find the clouds WOO GEEEZ and my younger sister opens her mouth
HAHAHAHAHA, MANG NEH YAH, you have to be creative, you have to use your
imagination and create that cloud to have your own colors, or it can be
something else, you see that a part of life is to have the creatively and share
that so that we can all smile, the reason why the LIFE can be so boring is
because people just are not creative and DOES NOT share, you have to exerocise
and practice your creativeness to bring something to the table and yes, it takes
a lot of hard hard and more hard work, yes a lottttt of hard work, and that is
why people becomes interested and people begins

to know and notice only those who are few that puts the work, the hard hard hard
work into actions by practicing, exerocising and training the mind set, and
Elaine look oink, OH MOE, what do you means by that, and my younger sister
looks, being faithful, being faithful, being faithful, being committed and being
faithful and plus plus diligent produces the best of the best kind of
productions of all time who puts work, I AM hard hard hard, that means you have
to be the hardest worker, more diligent than anyone else for people to see that
you are so different that you impact and can change a one's mind and perspective
about yourself and about your faith in LORD JESUS CHRIST, what good is it when
you are the same just like everyone else, and ELAINE IS like OH GOSH, tell me
MORE UNNI YAH, so be creative HUH?! and My younger sister looks, yes, be true to
yourself and be creative takes a lot of time and practice, training your mind
set to become more and more stronger and to add to be the strongest will capture
the minds of many others because it is the LORD JESUS who helps only those who
puts into actions and practices and trains over time, that is to give extra and
you see that I try to share me A LOT MORE and ELAINE is like OH GOSH and my
younger sister says, WELL MANG NEH YAH, it takes time to evolve, it takes time
to produce, it takes time to expand and to branch off, it takes time for you to
grow which it takes time to learn, but be the most hardest worker when you stand
before my LORD JESUS CHRIST who gives to bless, and ELAINE LOOKS UP OH MOE and
she is looking around, SO DO I have to close me eyes to see the cloud and my
younger sister lip slides and moves across, it is like I AM SHARING to you mang
neh yah, what I see and WHAT I truly experienced to share and share and to
share, but if you are not creative at ALL MANG NEH YAH, no one is going to be
interest in a what I CALL SO BORING PERSON, if you know you are bored
HAHAHAHAAH, which you can see that many folks are, needs to sharpen the mind set
and to grow the creativetity, that is why they come here to hear, why come here,
they are mostly bored people who has nothing else to do and I AM not being wrong
about it, they too can practice and train and continously if they only try to
give their very very very top of the chain the best, and ELAINE IS LIKE GOSH, OH
MOE, I SEE I SEE and her head goes up and down, OH MOE YAH, and ELaine turns, oH
GOSH, UNNI YAH, why is it that people are scared to do this, and my younger
sister looks, WELL, I believe they are scared of what people would say about
them, you cannot be a coward with people, be more stronger than what people say,
I had to overcome so many negative and I ONLY FOCUS on the positive and what
JESUS CHRIST gave me, I DO NOT CARE what they freaking say, at least they see
GOD IS dominating with the little that I GIVE TO HIM and they all have nothing
to share, what good is all that cheap talk, and I have me confidence because
JESUS MY LORD and SAVIOR has taken me 15 years through this ministry, I HAVE
NOTHING to LOSE of what I truly experienced the POWER and GLORY of ALMIGHTY
JESUS CHRIST through the sending of the helper HOLY SPIRIT who helps me to this
very day AHH HA! and YES SO MANY even witnessed, there are many folks that I
KNOW who has witnessed years after years of MY LORD And SAVIOR building this and
establishing this MINISTRY, IF I SEE the witnesses all SEE too OH LORD that is
what JESUS DO, and ELAINE IS LIKE GOSH, I am not sure how to share me anything
tho, and MY younger sister looks, you see my little one sister, it starts with
you and yourself first, it starts with toys, the ones who is able to play very
very well, who does not need to be happy around people but content with them own
self, who is happy person in their own skin, who loves what GOD, LORD JESUS gave
to that soul, people who are chasing after the relationships of others because
they do not enjoy themselves cannot do such a thing, as a TRUE CHILD OF GOD, you
love what GOD, LORD JESUS gave you as HIS CHILD and it is your life, and I SEE
ME OPPA, do you know that me OPPA, and ELAINE LOOKS OINK, OH YES, that is what I
AM talking about, and ELAINE IS LIKE OH GEEZ, yes, I see me OPPA always in his
room, and he is happier all alone, he loves to be creative with his toys, since
I knew him a little boy, and My younger sister looks UP, and Esther oH I SEE,

HEHEHEEH, OH I SEE and OINK OH MOE and ELaine turns her head and looks at her
older sister, OH MOE NAH UNNI YAh, what do you see, the room and DJ in it and
OINK, and Esther lowers OH NO NO WOO YAH, I see the CLOUD OH GOSH, and Elaine
opens her hand stretch out her arm and moves back and goes forward and HITS her
forehead OH AYE YEE AYE YEE YAH, GEEZ, and Esther looks OH WOO YAH, GOSH, why
are you hitting your self for, and my younger sister lowers and turns to look at
ELAINE's head, GOSH, do not hit yourself and my younger sister touches the
forehead of ELAINE and rubs around, MANG NEH YAH, do not do that OKAY and ELAINE
looks down, GOSH UNNI YAH, I want to have what you have, I CANNOT SEE you see,
it is like where is even the clouds, oH MOE and my younger sister looks, IT
takes a lot of practice, to train your mind set over and over and over, your
mind set has to keep on exerocising, you have to have consistency and
persistence it in, and always be diligent once you start and work your very
hardest to the core, do not let the lazy people tell you anything, and ELAINE
LOOKS DOWN and head goes UP and down YES UNNI YAH UNNI. LET the ones who are
true and doing what is right and who is pleasing helps you instead and ELAINE
closes one eye, OH MOE, just me ONE COLOR OF CLOUD HUH and my younger sister
looks UP COME ON with me, LET US GO anD truly SEE and ESTHER LOOKS UP and MY
younger sister looks UP and ELAINE OH MOE WOW, I SEE NOW, WOO HAHAHAHA, OH YEA
YEA YEE YAH, and her finger points UP, it is me a pink cloud, I SEE I SEE and in
that cloud is a room and oINK OH MOE, it is your OPPA YAH HAHAHAAH and my
younger sister looking UP GOSH THAT IS RIGHT mang neh yah, I SEE a PINK COLOR
CLOUD and, YES, I will tell you what I MEANS MANG NEH ELAINE NAh and Esther UNNI
YAH and I am in the room OH WOW WOW GOSH I grab me the box under the bed, WAH
and licks around OH HOHOHOHO AHH HEHEHEEHE, and two hands are grabbing and
dropping EWW WOO EWW WOO EWW WOO WEE OH YUKI, I do not like me this shreddar and
MEGATRON, and I would move the hands to the sides and some of the old toys goes
fliping up to the sides GOSH, WHERE IS ME NEWW WOO NEW WOO TOYS GOSH and INK ANK
INK ANK INK INK and one eye closes OH MOE and me lip stretch across OH YEAH AHH