one shoulder asymmetrical wear for wedding

I just woke up from a nap Man my hands was cramping I had towers centerpieces to do today Tiffani Darden had to pull my hands apart to work All I could think I got to do the Party my hand was hurting so bad First time this have ever happened Tiffani who do most of the work any way got called in I was crying praying crying My friends step up Do you hear me one shoulder asymmetrical wear for wedding Tracy Wellons-Graham was like girl grab this do this Alisha Mayes was like what's next I got you Pain steady shooting up my arm Diamond Lipsey was like it's ok I made it through it Lesson is thank god for you friends Tracy has help me But Alisha Mayes was god send and so was Diamond I'm glad this was the people who help me today !!!! I can not for get Taylor 11 years old work her ass off!!!