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To the man who bought our diapers and wipes in Kroger this evening, I saw you watch me, my wild boys, and sleeping baby. You spoke to my big boys and smiled the three times Jackson almost ran into with the buggy. You were kind and you made my day.
What you didn't know was I was at the end of my rope, or maybe you realized it and chose to do a nice thing. this momma had already lost her temper because my rebellious 5 year old just wants to push me to my limits, I got the side eye from a lady for getting onto said 5 year old in the parking lot, I've worked 12 days straight because I was on call, my husband is out of town, my baby is teething, we were all hungry because we had been going since school got out, and my anxiety is at an all time high. It may have just been $30 worth of diapers and wipes but it meant much more to me and I will pay it forward! I wish I would have thought to ask your name. Thank you to the kind stranger to reminded me that it isn't all bad.. short length wedding garments in white color