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My first thoughts on the press conference of Anuj Loya after sleeping over it last night;
One is Anuj Loya has remained out of communication reach for almost everyone, therefore wondering who was harassing him and his family.
Second is that he is right, the family should not be hounded and harassed. They were not at Nagpur, they were not at the hospital, they were not at the wedding, they were not there during post mortem, they were not there in the police station, they did not go with him to the hospital or take his body back to Latur, they did not decide whether post mortem should be done or not, they did not dress up a dead body, they did not get custody of the dead persons mobile phone, they did not file an FIR, they have not been interviewed by the police for any suspicion even after 3 full years of death, they did not even get an opportunity to conduct a second post mortem. They did not even get hospital records of the dead person.
Third, as the family only got a dead body to cremate, they have little or no information on what happened on 30.11.2014 and 1.12.204. Therefore the family, even if hounded and harassed, will not be able to tell anything other than what people already know about the questions that require answers.
Fourth, therefore by logical deduction the press should be hounding the two judges that took Mr. Loya to a wedding in NAGPUR, which he never wanted to attend. The press should be hounding the staff of Ravi Bhavan where he was allegedly staying, the press should be hounding the two judges, local, who claim that he was taken in a car from Ravi Bhavan to Dande Hospital, press should be hounding the doctors at Dande Hospital and then also the doctors at Meditrina Hospital. The press should be hounding the Police station which took the first FIR and then the second police station where the FIR was transferred. They should be hounding and hunting for the ambulance driver who took the 500+ kilometer journey from Nagpur to Gategaon at Latur. They should be asking uncomfortable questions to Ishwar Baheti, the man who was coordinating with Loya Family and who returned the dead Judge's phone four days later, all wiped clean. They should be talking to the doctors who did the post mortem and asking them how they managed to dress the dead body back. straight wedding dresses
As the story broke in November, no media or press has been doing that. What does that indicate?
And fifth and not the least, press should be hounding Mohit Shah, retired Chief Justice of Bombay High Court about the allegation of a bribe of 100 Crores by the family as payment for a favorable verdict.
And while they are at it, they should also interview Mahendra Singh Dhoni and find out from him who told him to announce the retirement on 30.12.2014, the day Judge MB Gosavi set Amit Shah free on the nation.
And if they still have some juice left after hounding all these people, they can find out about the financial status of Judge MB Gosavi and ask some uncomfortable questions to Devendra Fadnavis too.
And if they are really really brave, they should have been hounding Amit Shah, the sole beneficiary of the whole episode.
Loya family should be spared. I agree with Anuj Loya.

— with Amlan Bhaduri and .
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