toddler wears for flower girl

My 3 and half year old son is driving me mad and I worry about him.. His sister7 has aspergers. He keeps nipping me...digging his feet in me...prodding me. Not in a nasty way but it's driving me mad as it hurts. He also seems to start running around and being boisterous when we go somewhere ie today at doctors... after he had had his chest listened to and oxygen clip on finger ( he's been badly with a cough for ages) he suddenly started making a daft noise and grabbing for everything on nurse practioners desk. She actually reprimanded Me...yes me.... and told me to take control of him. Obviously I didn't just sit there and let him I kept telling him off to no avail. The thing is he is neurological in every other way....very intelligent. Am I putting add title on him because of his sister...or does anyone think he may have traits and sensory issues. Have had to stop going to a mum and toddler group as he kept running round after a bit and knocking smaller kids over. Xxx toddler wears for flower girl