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A Call to Arms ... People of Sussex.

With 8 days to go we are begining to mobilise and make final preperations for what will be our third all Metal Mearfest.
All our festivals have been held in different locations right back to 2010. At every venue we have been met with open arms and made new friends that support us year in year out.
This year we are in Hastings in Sussex at the Carlisle Rock venue. ( Capacity 180)
on Friday 8th and Sat 9th of December.
We have a superb lineup of bands from all over the country and of course our headliners from France ( GanG )
We raise money for Stillborn and local charities in the name of our lost daughter Molly who was born sleeping at 40 weeks.
We totally rely on the love help and support of everyone attending this unique and fantastic festival.
Friday night is free and Saturday just ten pounds for all day. Midday till Midnight
Its not easy to put on these shows not only is it incredibly time consuming and hard work its emotionally demanding as anyone who has lost a child or could imagine such a tragedy must realise.
Im asking all the good people of Sussex to help us. If your a regular of the Carlisle please make yourself known and come along. We would be delighted to meet you all and chat and share a drink with you and share our story. v neck outfits for prom party
We would love both days to be packed to the rafters and everyone have a great time .
Friday evening is free and we have lots of competitions and prizes to give away. 5 very different and incredibly talented bands and it should be a fantastic start to our weekend with you all.
Friday has been put on so all the regulars can attend free of charge. So we would love to meet as many of you as possible on that night.
And Saturday of course.
So if you get a moment please read Mollys story on mearfest.org and come and lend your love and support and turn loss into legacy once more. Thankyou !
Brian and Claire Xx
Debz Jane Demonize . Andy Gregory .