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Artical by Dr(Hakim) Aslam Javed

Heedlessness towards piles may turn out to be disastrous

Health and illness is a part of human life. There would be no human being in the history who never suffered from any illness. Sometime we neglect minor ailments out of ignorance or carelessness. Though there is no disease which we ourselves created,we feel ashamed to speak of some and thus minor bodily ailments turn out to be killer at last. Health and sickness is a part of human nature and our body is rightful to combat against all odds in order to stay fit. However, carelessness in treatment makes minor illness a life-threatening disease. One of such diseases is piles which we often go careless about at initial stage and resultantly hemorrhoidsturn into piles. Let us have a look in detail on the causes of this disease.

This disease causes blisters because of swelling in anal vein which causes pain while passing stools. Increase in pain depends on the nature and intensity of disease. It is called Bawaseer in Urdu and Arabic while in modern medical science it is termed as hemorrhoids. It is of two types: external hemorrhoids and internal hemorrhoids. There is not generally as much pain in internalhemorrhoidsbut when it becomes chronic and seed-like clumps in rectum get sour and bleed when out while passing stools, the victim is in terrible pain.

In external hemorrhoids there feels a soft swollen perianal tumorwhich becomes sour and starts bleeding due to pressure made while passing stools. The blood secreted in the process is bright red and shiny which stops on its own after a while and patient feels at ease with a sign of relief visible on his face. This type of hemorrhoids causes terrible itching and pain in rectum. Patient frequents washroom but cannot relieve himself because of constipation and due to unnecessary pressure sometime fat secretes with stools.

Causes of piles
As the root cause for all kind of diseases in our society is lack of health education, the same goes in case of hemorrhoids. Youngsters look too much concerned about external fitness and often consult to doctors but when it comes to discuss such type of diseases, they feel ashamed to share and this false shame becomes life threatening. When the disease goes chronic they consult doctors but still do not have a holistic check-up, might be because people take this disease as a stigma and discussion regarding it as shameful confession.

Chronic constipation is one of the major causes for hemorrhoids. It is also a common problem in those who suffer from constipation or diarrhea because of intestinal disorders; such as IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) or IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease). What is this disease? In English called piles, in Urdu and Persian Bawaseer and in modern medical science hemorrhoids. Hem means blood and orrhoids means flow. The word itself tells that it is a disease in which rectal veins grow swollen and when pressure exercised on them while passing stools they bleed. This is called bloody hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoidsare of two types: internal, this is inside the lining of anus.Having internal hemorrhoids some people feel pain while others do not. Hemorrhoids may hang out of anus because of pressure while defecation and stools may be stained with blood. Besides feeling pain people get panicked when internal hemorrhoids get out of anus.

External hemorrhoids are located at the edge of anus and feel like a soft swollen tumors covered with a skin layer. They are very sensitive. When pressurized while defecation, the get sour and bleed.

SymptomsItching inside and around the anusBleeding while passing stools (blood is shiny and bright red)Pain, often people feel terrible painBeing hemorrhoids out of anus while defecation Soft tumors around the anusinfectionCauses Disorganized life styleLow water intakeMental stressDepression Liver related diseases and some other like diabetesAdvanced age increases probability to catch the diseaseChronic constipation Chronic diarrhea PregnancyExercising pressure while defecationRegular use of laxativesOver eating acidic edibles like meat Low intake of fiber rich eatablesDiagnosis
There should be detailed discussion between patient and doctor and doctor should have a look on patient's history. A close examination is also required; as symptoms of hemorrhoidsresemble with those of anal injury, running sore or albasi, so necessary it is that an expert physician or surgeon should ascertain properties of illness. In our country a large number of people out of false shame hide this horrible disease for years and come to doctors when the case has already been advanced. In our society people especially young girls feel shy to talk about it and keep it a secret in the bottom of heart. They comfortably talk about all diseases related to heart and head, lung and liver but feel ashamed to talk about intestinal diseases including hemorrhoids and succumb to killing silence. Most of the people consult doctors when their level of hemoglobin has been severely low and because of blood shortage they start feeling weak, broken, headache and joint pain. A considerable numbers of hemorrhoids victims go to medicine sellers, fraudulent unlicensed doctors, and buy their herbal prescriptions while some fall prey to advertisement in print media or electronic and waste their hard-earned money and risk their health.

In the age science and information it is ironic and pitiable to see people go to exorcists and enchanters.They consult surgeon when the damage has been done. Whenever somebody sees stools stained with blood or feels perianal hard or soft tumor, he must consult the doctor. Patient has to be naked before doctor to get hemorrhoids diagnosed. Patient lies down on the table and doctor examines his anus and rectum. Doctor wears gloves and applies cream on finger then checks inside the anus. Meanwhile the check-up, patient may feel painful but it is the only way to reach the final conclusion in order to start treatment. In some cases anoscope is required to check inside the rectum.

Sometime hemorrhoids are ordinary type which you may escape with just a little change in life style and carefulness about diet. You need to include fiber in your diet as to keep stools soft and easy to excrete and avoid pressure while passing it which sometime leads to bleeding. For people suffering intestinal diseases (IBS) fiber to be dissolved like wholesome cereal and brown rice is better than fiber not to be dissolved like wheat, millet-bread, whole grains, dry fruits and seeds. People suffering from inflammatory intestinal disease and hemorrhoids should consult doctor regarding their diet routine. If somebody is suffering from piles only and has no other chronic disease, he should include in his diet fresh vegetables, fruits and dry fruits to get fiber in large proportion as to get rid of constipation. Attention should be paid to cleanse rectum and anus. Sitz bath is a must thrice a day or twice at least. It may be taken in a tub filled with lukewarm water. In case it is not possible, one should make ablution with warm water. When hemorrhoids become inflammatory and unbearable, alternative treatment is required. Only an expert doctor can treat it. Rubber band is used for internal hemorrhoids when they slip out of rectum. It is tied tightly around hemorrhoidswhich disconnects blood supply to hemorrhoids. After a few days both rubber band and hemorrhoids fall off and within a week or two hemorrhoids die. Infraredcoagulation: infrared light is focused on the base of hemorrhoids which coagulates it. After some days it is shrinks and finally disappears. Hemorrhoids dichotomy: that is removal of blood stained hanging out lump. This operation becomes inevitable in the following conditions: when external hemorrhoids harden over and again, above-mentioned treatments have failed or there is profuse bleeding because of any disorder which may lead to greater damage. vintage mother of the bride dresses tea length

Precautions Have an organized life styleWorkout regularlyNecessarily take eight glass water a dayCut down on meat intake Increase fiber in your diet like veg fruits and dry fruitsGet a complete medical check-upConsult immediately to doctor if blood seen in stool