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2nd poem I posted here, enjoy!

Untitled till the end.

I hate you.
I hate how you weigh me down.
Like a stack of bricks,claws digging in
like a raven perched on my shoulder.
A constant controller.
I wear you like a tight gown everyday,
Suffocating me to the point of insanity.
Strings pulled so tight my nerves physically putting up a fight.
I swear the suspense worse than truth or dare. I hate how you make me care and not care.
I hate how you betray me.
The cool breeze meant for serenity is my enemy, poking at every pore on my body.
Sweat dripping and heart beating like I'm running a marathon never to see the finish line. A constant stop sign. wedding apparels specially for women over 40
No rest in the shade.
You make me work so hard, but I don't get paid.
I hate you!
I hate how you trade me like the Dow Jones.
How you make me take a bow
So everyone can throw their sticks and stones.
You have me beat down.
Felling lesser than a dime.
You disgust me like a bad wine.
How you constantly linger like a bad hangover.
But no liquor did I enjoy the night before.
You're worse than a bad singer going on forever like the beat of a broken blinker.
Incessantly you always creep.
I hate how you invade my sleep.
Head pounding like a drum beat.
Blood flowing like the ocean in a shell
Left with no rejuvenation.
You're like a bad vacation I wish to end.
Pain you only vend.
I swear you make space and time bend.
You always make me run behind.
Trying to find my mind.
I hate how you make me so uncertain.
Worry always on the brew.
Fatigue plague like the night crew.
You haunt me close,
As stage fright right before an open curtain.
Just as I think I'm ok
You disobey.
You remember your lines.
Spitting them out as fast as the airlines.
You're a good performer.
But I hate your character,
You make me a transformer.
I hate you, let me be me.
You latch on to me like poison ivy.
An itch I can't scratch.
You're nails on a chalk board striking at every enjoyable chord.
You toxic potion.
You dehydrate me like the salty sea.
Enough tears to fill the ocean.
My happiness you've stolen.
I wish I had a mortar
I'd knock you out before you cross my border.
How'd you still get through?
When I'm Kilimanjaro.
Snuck in like a Trojan.
What a good disguise.
Snatching my hope for a better tomorrow.
You come from the abyss.
Stealing my breath like a love kiss, but without the bliss.
You, I so despise.
You chain me down and question me like an attorney .
Seeking holes In my statement.
Water boarding me.
You are so flagrant!
I hate your around the clock torture.
Giving me a shakedown,
Aftershock, blate disorder.
I hate you let me be me.
I am not guilty.
Please set me Free.
You will not get the best of me.