wedding party bridesmaid wears in cobalt blue

Evening all
I am in a bit of dilemma !
I have been trying all weekend to take the place of a friend who was due to run The big half in London tomorrow- sadly for medical reasons doctors have told her she can't run anymore.
Because of the ruling you cannot take another person's place (even though I was willing to pay again & make a donation ) they have said NO!!
Tomorrow is my Long run for VLM training & most of my Sunday running buddies are off to London for the Big Half . 6 months ago I hadn't envisioned this a problem for me as I am doing The Dartford half next weekend. I now realise I probably should have got myself booked in as now I have to face doing this on my own! ? Now I know you're probably thinking she runs every Friday on her own, which you would be quite right thinking this. However we are not talking a 3,4,5 or even 6 miler - it's 14 miles I have to cover tomorrow. The last time I ran this far on my own I only managed 10 miles & I felt totally broken, I just wanted someone by my side saying " come on Rose you got this , you are nearly there, anything would have been better than the loneliness I felt during those gruelling 10 miles. wedding party bridesmaid wears in cobalt blue
So all I ask is that if you see me in the morning running/ crawling up & down the A20 -
Please please give me a shout out , honk your horns , scream , cheer, anything but please
Acknowledge me.
I am going to try & do it in fancy dress to make up for not managing FFR for the last 2 Friday's.
Hoping the weather is a little kinder in the morning!!
Thanks in advance WK- you're the best ?